Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Fault is mine, not yours"

God has explained about Bhakti, Karma, Dhyana and Jnana as different yoga’s (practices). But if you ask me, even mere understanding is a great yoga (practice). Don't you get faith (Shraddha) by only understanding?

My Dear Friends! If your mind doesn’t divert towards self, by just looking at me then the fault is mine not yours. If you cannot grasp my words then the fault is mine not yours. If I have true purity in my heart, my words will chase you even if you want to forget them. My words work on you only if I have peace in my heart. If you are unable to receive the peace by remembering me, then it implies there is lack of purity in myself. If you don’t have love for me, it is my responsibility to propagate that love.

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