Friday, December 31, 2010

"An Epitome of love" - (By Vani)

Early in the morning, my mom wakes me up to get me ready to school earlier than usual, my little mind of 10 yrs wonders,Whats up with her today?? why is she hurrying me up?.

I asked her casually as a 10 yr old would," Mom what is it with you? why is it that you want me to get ready early today?".

Then my mom explains I have to visit one "Nannagaru" today so I better get you out my way.

I wonder "Nannagaru" means father in our language, did she mean my "Granddad" by any chance?

She replied, No he is a saint and brushed me off saying I wouldn't understand anymore..

Nevertheless I rushed off to school.I clearly remember it being a saturday and I came home earlier than usual and found my mom missing.

I asked my dad "Where is she?".

He replies to me that she is in swarajyam aunty's house as she was visiting the "Nannagaru".

Bang the word again.As a 10 yr child I was curious to see"the Granddad", who the person is?

I hopped off to the aunt's house which was nearby, playful as much a 10 year old would be.I entered the room which was full of people , absolute silence, all eyes on one person who is sitting on a chair,a warm posture ,a simpleton in white clothes, his eyes closed, his left hand cupped up in shape of an "Ashirwada" as blessing ,and I think is that "Nannagaru"?

He wasn't talking to anyone much, just looking around and looking into people's eyes.I was shocked to see some people who were silently crying with tears running down their cheeks.I was like why are they crying?I went and sat nearby his feet.

He looked at me and gave a smile,I returned it by smiling, I felt special.

His eyes wandered over the room , he spoke to few people mostly inquiring about their families,jobs and insisting are they happy?

His looks again wandering over the room came back to me.

He smiled again, a very warm and compassionate smile, an assuring smile, a smile which still is with me ,this very moment,after 18 years and guides me at all times.

All elders around me were saying words which were difficult to understand, words like "Moksham(Salvation), Atma(Soul) and on and on, but for one thing on that day, I found him just a simple old man who is "An Epitome of Love"

Thank you Vani for such a lovely experience. It is the same feeling that all devotees have when we first look at him. He is an incarnation of love itself.

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  1. Jagadananda Karaka Sarveshvara Sri Sri Sri VishwaVirata AdiGuru JagathGuru Sadhguru Veera Venkata Srinivasa Keshava Lakshmi Narasimha Naannagaru ki Jai.

    A tremendous note.

    I salute the dust on every Nannagaru Devtees feet.