Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bhagawad Gita

  1. In this world, we celebrate birthdays of people but not that of books. This fame only belongs to Gita. Even though this is a small book, it has got great reputation.
  2. Gita Jayanti implies the birthday of Bhagawad Gita. Gita has been orated and preached by God himself nearly 5000 years ago. “The one who preached Gita, the one who listened to Gita and the one who wrote Gita is Narayana himself” said Lord Krishna himself in Gita.
  3. Krishna preached the Gita to Arjuna just before the commencement of Mahabharata war in Kurukshetra which is located in Haryana now. Many people have questions like how can anyone preach in the battle field? Is it really possible to do so? Impossibility may exist for us but is there anything that is impossible for God? If there is anything that is impossible then how can he ever become God? One who is attached is ever bound. One who is bound has fear. But how can God be bound or have fear? If Krishna had any attachment for his nephew Abhimanyu, would he allow him to die? He (Krishna) has become God because he is unattached, and doesn’t have any bondage.
  4. Sri Madvacharya said - “It was initially Bharata only, but since it was encompassed of Bhagawad Gita it was renovated as Mahabharata”
  5. Mahatama Gandhi said - “Bhagawad Gita has filled up the emptiness of loss of my mother”
  6. Sri Sant Jnaneswar said - “The whole world can be converted to gold or all the salt water in the sea can be transformed into fresh water, but one can never understand the Bhagawad Gita, it is very difficult to understand”
  7. Piling up all the valuable diamonds in the world at one place, becomes Bhagawad Gita.
  8. Bhagawad Gita is the compilation of the goodness of all the good hearted people in this world.
  9. Tilak said – “Just as Hanuman somersaulted from one end of the sea to the other end of the sea to reach Lanka, even I jumped from the first chapter to the last chapter of the Gita, but I never understood the depth of it”
  10. Krishna said in the Gita, “Bhagawad Gita is his abode. In Gita, God exists in the form of Akshara (letters). Akshara implies that never perishes. It is a sin to separate God from Gita. They are never separate.
  11. Gita may contain that which doesn’t exist in the world, but which doesn’t exist in Gita cannot be found in the world.
  12. If you just read 18 chapters of the Gita you might get punya (fruit of virtuous deeds) but if you understand and practice the same, you will get Jnana.
  13. Our lives are being driven very fast by the great tides of ego, then how do we have place for the Gita in our hearts? That’s the reason we are unable to understand Gita. Is it not true that, only when we give our heart that the Gita gives heart?
  14. I take the courage in saying that Arjuna did not get Jnana just by listening to the Gita from Krishna. Arjuna implies a white man (with pure heart). Krishna said – “O Arjuna! You are anasuya (one who don’t know what jealous is) hence I am preaching you the Gita. Jealousy is the foremost bad quality amongst all of us. Arjuna mourned for the sake of the world (society) this made him Jnani, this Jnana took birth in his heart only. Arjuna’s Shoka (grief) became his yoga (path), but why does our shoka (grief) lead us to Roga (disease)? It is because Arjuna grieved for the society and we grieve only for our selfishness.
  15. My Dear Friends! Arjuna’s punya (fruit of virtuous deeds) is that God himself became his Guru.
  16. Lord said in the beginning of vibhuti yoga that I reside in the heart of all shining as the self. All the further sayings in vibhuti yoga are only for understanding the body minded people like us.
  17. Lord said in Gita – “Work but don’t expect any result.”, but he never said that – “I will not give you the fruit of your deeds”. God resides in the heart of those who work without any expectation. What is worth achievable than this in the world?
  18. The Lord said – “O Arjuna! None can overcome my maya. I am revealed only to them whom I select”. Why? This is because Maya is in the hands of God and we are in the clutches of Maya. Therefore Maya releases (shows the path) only to those who take refuge at the feet of God.
  19. My dear friends! When Krishna promised in the 9th chapter that – “Self-knowledge will reveal the self here and now “Why don’t you believe the same? Though God repeatedly says that –“Leaving all your duties surrender unto me/ I will cleanse you of all your sins and liberate you. “Why do we still not trust his words?
  20. We cannot get Jnana until we have a collaboration of God’s Grace, Gurus Grace, Shastras (spiritual science) grace and the time.
  21. In Gita the Lord preached –
    • “Karma Yoga to those who always want to work”,
    • “Bhakti Yoga to those who get emotional very easily,”
    • “Jnana yoga to those who always try to find reason behind everything”
    The goal of all these yoga’s (practices) is to “know thyself” as preached by Bhagawan Ramana.
  22. Lord says Kama (lust), Krodha (anger) and Lobha (misery) are the three big gates to enter into hell.
  23. In Gita Lord said – “It is only the Jnani who obtains my swarupa. There is nothing in this world that equals the Jnana. All the people are nothing but puppets in my hands”
  24. In Gita God has narrated all the qualities of a Stitah Prajna (one who maintains equanimity in all conditions) and all the divine qualities (Daivi Guna), further he said that the greatest dirtiness is being weak at heart. The dirtiest thing is the weakness of heart. He also said this world is temporary and it is the residence of all miseries. He never said this world is a temple. It is the body that takes birth and dies. The atman neither is born nor dead. He further said – “You are that Aatman”, and then are we considering ourselves as Aatman or the body?
  25. My Dear Friends! We can never understand the Gita as long as we have perception as Krishna is mere body. God and Gita are not different. God said in Gita – “People are considering themselves as just bodies, and they are also limiting me to a body by doing so they are insulting me”
  26. As we clear dirt on our faces using a mirror we have to clean the impurities of our mind by taking Gita as the basis. Gita is the upadesa grandha (Greatest Preacher) and is very useful to purify the mind. If we abide by the teachings in Gita our weakness and sins perish automatically.
  27. God asked us to love him, remember him and believe him but what will he get by saying this? My dear friends! It is only out of love and grace he spoke. He further promised that even a greatest sinner will be liberated by him if he has unwavering faith in his existence.
  28. My Dear Friends! It is only the work that is in your hands and not the result which is in the hands of God. Therefore if you do your duty selflessly and with utter concentration, God will certainly give the appropriate result. God is always thankful and not thankless. Friends! Do believe my words, if you do your work with doership you are bound and if you do your work without doership you will be released by the work. If you love Krishna in your hearts wholeheartedly, he will purify and liberate you. What we need to have for him is Bhakti (devotion) and what he gives in return in Mukti (freedom). Is there anything worth achievable than this in the world?

  29. Trust God to find treasures otherwise you will just dust. He who does friendship with God will obtain him. But are you doing friendship with God or with worldly people? Can’t you abide by his words spoken in your welfare? God is embodiment of love. The love showered by your wife or husband or children or relatives is not even a one percentile of the love showered by God.
  30. My dear friends! Lastly I would like to say a word that even Gita is a VEDA. Bhagavad Gita compasses of the words uttered by God himself. Who among us has the capability to speak about God? We will not understand him if he doesn’t speak about himself. Therefore he spoke about himself, thereby killing his self-respect, why? It is because until and unless if we don’t understand his greatness we cannot love him and respect him, further loveless hearts are like godless temples. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said “A person who cannot become a tyagi (one who sacrifices) can never understand the Gita”
  31. Sri Malayala Swami said Gita comes into the hands of those whose fate is good.

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