Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Offer thyself to him" - (By Hima)


Once I was sitting right in front of Nannagaru holding fruits in my hands. I was waiting for the opportunity to offer the fruits, after he finishes the speech.

As soon as Nannagaru finished his speech he bent forward and laid his hands in front of me, as if asking for the fruits.

Immediately I passed the fruits onto Nannagaru’s hands, then

He asked me – “what are these called?”

I just kept quite as everyone could see that they are bananas.

Nannagaru said –”These are called offerings”.

He took them and closed his eyes for few seconds and then opened his eyes and said –

“You take these fruits to home, children will eat. “

H was about to give them. I laid my hands forward to take them, then he again asked me “what are these called “? I was silently looking into his eyes.

He repeated the question again.

I felt Nannagaru was trying to convey something else to me and my heart was dying to know what it was as I continued to stare into his eyes.

After few seconds he said –
”This is called prasadam”.

I felt Nannagaru was trying to convey that "He is ready to accept anything that I offer, and he will turn it into prasadam and give it back to me, and in this case let it be my mind."

All the way back home I was thinking why I am not able to give a little place to my Guru in my heart so that he could turn it pure and make it into prasadam or like a butter, that butter which lord Krishna loves to eat. I tried to find out the reason and I came to know that my heart is already filled up with so many people, and then I started to beg and fight with my mind to give a little place to my Guru.

I tried to formulate this battle in the form of a poem.

When we go to Nannagaru, some of us may offer bananas, some may offer apples and others sweets. Whatever they are, once they go into the hands of our Guru they are turned into prasadam that’s the greatness of a guru.

I wish there would definitely come a day in the life of every devotee when he or she could completely offer (surrender) his or her heart to the Guru.

Thank you for the beautiful poem and sharing your inner thoughts with us. Your words are inspiring and very near to practicality. It is true that we need to make friendship with mind, and educate with goodness.

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  1. Thanks a lot Himagaru .Your poem tells the anguish of not only you but all of us who are unable to surrender to holy feet of Guru/God.
    May we seek nannagarus blessings for this also,
    What else we know and what else we can do?