Friday, October 8, 2010

Walk, Practice slowly!

If we leave our mind to the wind, it will be like tirtham to tirtham, prasad to prasad, but jnana won't come*. The path should be the correct one. Even if one walks slowly, it doesn’t matter because if the path is not correct, even though a crore of (ten million) births are taken, the goal will not be reached.

Krishna said in the Gita that the mind is the cause, whether you are well or go bad. We came on earth to make the mind well. People having crores (of money) are also unable to be happy. There is always only sorrow. People who don’t have money see millionaires and think that they are happy. And then some people without even a top and thread (a spinning top – a plaything) are always at peace. The reason is only the mind.

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