Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Subdue your mind!

If every human being is seen with Atma drishti, distortions won't come. If there are no distortions, the mind will be subdued. If fire comes in the water, the water won't catch fire. The fire is extinguished. The heart of the jnani is also like that. The heart of the ajnani is like fire put on dry cow dung. If one puts fire on dry cow dung, it will catch fire.

One must conduct oneself according to the word of God. Every moment we must observe whether our mind is subdued or not. Sadhana that is done with a mind that is let loose is like rose water poured on ashes. The sadhana that you do will come back to you with interest, as the grace of Eswara. At times it takes hundred births to understand one small matter. We should be calm. We should not expect that the world should be happy if we do some small good work.

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