Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Average Intelligence

If we have average intelligence then we can lead a normal life. High I.Q., like Einstein is useful for making discoveries. But high I,Q., creates ego and leads to delusion. Generally out of a hundred bright students only ten per cent will have good intentions. The rest, the ninety per cent will become selfish because they use their surplus intelligence to increase selfishness instead of selflessness. Their parents innocently feel happy in thinking their children are getting good marks in their studies but later on these children won’t even bother about their parent’s welfare.

It is good if God gives a high I.Q., as intelligence is like money that you can use for either good or bad purposes. The hand holds the cooking instrument but the instrument can’t hold the hand! In the same way intelligence can’t get hold of the source. I always like students with an average I.Q., as they are good for society.

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