Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Dream Came True" - (By Devotee)

I am a housewife. In the year 1996, we used to reside in G Medapadu Of East Godavari District. We rented a small portion in a big house. Our landlord being Mrs.VijayaLakshmi, used to conduct RAMANA Satsang's every day between 2 PM to 4 PM. Along with other books, we used to read a spirtual discourse of Sri Nannagaru from Ramana Bhaskara. Since I had a high pitched and clear voice, I was asked to read the books. Some senior people who participated in this satsang used to elaborate the hidden and deeper meaning of Sri Nannagaru's simple words. Slowly, the satsang had an slow impact on me. By nature I am an angered person and intolerant to small mistakes or words even with my family members.

Unknowingly this satsang brought a remarkable change in my attitude and behaviour towards fellow human beings. This transformation was bought without by my effort. I could see and experience the change in myself. I never happened to visit Nannagaru till then.

As months passed, on one fine day I got a beautiful dream. It was at a railway station and near a train compartment. A gentleman wearing white clothes was assembled with devotees near window. He happened to see me,smiled and signaled to come near to him. I went to him, and offered fruits.

He asked me which mantra you want as Guru Upadesam.


He chanted three times, and made me to do the same for 3 times.

And the dream ended.

Next morning, at 11 AM, I went to VijayaLakshmi Aunty and shared my dream. I tried to narrate him.

I said -

"He was sweet old man, he dint had teeth. He resembled like Old Mahatma Gandhi."

Simultaneously by doing her daily activities in Kitchen, she continued to listen to me curiously. All of a sudden, she ignored the work, and gave a hug saying it was none other than Sri Nannagaru. She also said you are really blessed.

She continued saying - "I just received a message that Nannagaru is going to Visakapatnam by train. As it halts for few minutes at our station, we all are going to Railway station to meet him tomorrow, you can also join us. "

I couldn't believe myself, since exactly as in my dream I was going to meet him in Railway Station. As it was in dream, he gave Mantroupadesam. The train halted for few minutes, and then started.

While I was returning from Railway Station, I could recollect his words that was said in his sermons -

"Guru always exist. Guru means existence forever. Real Guru is always within you and with you. In jagruth,swapna,susuhpta(Awakeness, dream, sleep) in all avastas he is present"

He also said -

"True devotee need not search for Guru. Guru himself will wear a body and will come to him, because this is Janmanthara Anubandam (connection from many births).

I felt -

Oh! superior Guru, you proved yourself.

By offering prostrations to Nannagaru's feet(Sri nannagurudevula padapadmamulaku prnamamulatho), I end the note here.

Thank you All.

Thank you for this inspiring story. It clearly shows there is nothing that is impossible under Guru's grace. It is all predestined when Guru calls his Devotee.

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  1. Very Good narration.My Pranams and Thanks a lot for the author.