Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Guru Nannagaru's Love" - (By Hima)


I am a devotee of Sri Nannagaru from past 19 years. I loved everyone around me and they reciprocated with the same. I was so happy in my little world filled with love and care. But at the age of 20, I met some one who fascinated me. With whom I neither had a blood relation nor friendship but still loved me, more and more soooooooooo much. Its then I experienced true love, true happiness. I got so addicted to his love that I felt I can do anything for his love. He is none other than Sri Nannagaru. From the first day I met him to the present day when ever I meet him he showered the same love on me .It is said truth is something which is same yesterday today and tomorrow and the truth which I experienced is Nannagaru’s love and love alone.

Nannagaru! Love is his instrument. Love rolls out from his words, from his eyes and every action of his body. It is the love in him that gathers the crowd around him. It is his love which takes his teachings to the hearts of his devotees. It is his love which consoles the grief stricken people. It is his love which brings smiles on the faces of devotees. His love is the strength of many which makes them ready to face any situation. It is his love that gives happiness to the people, that happiness which is not attained by a soothing music or a tasty food or a fascinating sight is experienced in presence of him, which is above above all these senses. Having so many relatives and friends in this world we are still orphans if we do not have our Guru. Only after experiencing his love we could know the paleness of the love that we get in this world.

Before I was scared by darkness,
But now I walk in the dark,
Because you are around me Nannagaru

Whenever I cried, you wiped my tears,
Whenever I laughed, you shared with me,
Because you are with me Nannagaru

Whenever I made a mistake, you warned me
Whenever I did something good, you appreciated me
Because you are in me Nannagaru

Whenever I was annoyed you controlled my temper,
Whenever my happiness reached boundaries, you controlled it , Because you are beside me Nannagaru

Whenever we talked to each other silently
I doubted myself, but you cleared it by saying
“I can hear your voices” that’s why I say

You are around me, with me, in me, and beside me Nannagaru.


Thank you all!

Thank you Hima Garu, for sharing this beautiful Love emanating note with us. It shows the dedication and love towards of our Guru Nannagaru.


  1. This is the most beautiful note i have ever read!!! It's is really...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
    Perfect discription of the feelings of nannagaru's devotees! :)

  2. Thanks hima garu..really nanngaru is manifestation of trillions of Mothers love and more than that.But how my foolish mind can realize it?I beg His grace alone even for that !
    What else I can do?
    Your post is wonderful and even the poems are superb.My pranams to you!