Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Guru's presence" - (By Devotees)


I always feel his existence wherever I might be. I always feel him beside me.Even though I dont get time in attending his satsangs, but whenever I get time in office I visit his site to update myself.When I close my eyes I see him in front of me, indeed he exists everywhere.

(By Jaya Garu)

Last DEC or so I read about him and sent a mail in his website. He came to Chennai and his assistant(whom I met recently along with Nanna Garu(in Dr.Mithin's house) phoned up to me (it was Jan 2010 or so)I don't remember exactly,he gave the phone to Nanna Garu and I heard him saying that he would speak to me when he comes to Hyderabad in between I had been to USA and returned in August end. I forgot about Nanna Garu, to tell frankly. Last Sunday someone in Sri Ramana Kendram Hyderabad told that Sri Nanna Garu would be in Hyderabad during this week. Then I had a chat with Sri Dattasway on Tuesday it was first time I did a chat with Sri Datta Swamy.He took pain and gave me our Mithin's number and at 10pm reluctantly I disturbed Mithin over phone.He was instrumental in my having Sri Nanna Garu's dharshan.I was blessed.

Sri Nanna Garu is very simple and is full of love towards us.
Such a great personality/saintly man asked me to sit by his side means,there is something remarkable in him which I cannot tell in words.
On top of it he did not want me to wait for his audience and called me through his assistance when many were waiting. HE knows everything.
I can only say that I was blessed.
And Dr.Mithin was instrumental in this.

(By Ranganathan Garu)

Those were the days when the Heart was searching intensely for the Guru.

Bad Prarabdha was present intensely at that time.

I met Sri Nannagaru then through the introduction of Jhansi garu.

The first words that escaped His lips when he met were " You will be blessed."

The inner desire which was intense seemed to have come out in the form of that blessing.

The Guru with body is none other than Sri Nannagaru, this thought increased in my mind clearly.

Lord Arunachaleshwara who was in the form of Arunagiri whose best devotee was the Cow Lakshmi, like that I surrenderd my family burden to Him.

This same Arunachala solidified into the form of the Guru Sri Nannagaru.

Lord Dakshinamurthy whose leela is in Mouna ( Silence ) is Sri Nannagaru who is that same Brahmapadartha ( Bliss of Brahman ) who is walking.
This I realized by experience.

I am now trying to realize that I am just a mere instrument in Bhagwan Nannagaru's hands.

Om Shanti.

(By Unknown Devotee)

Thank you for all of the devotees who've shared their wonderful feelings that they had under his presence. These anecdotes are valuable.

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