Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Unforgettable Moments with Nannagaru" - (By Madhulika)

Good afternoon one and all, I would also like to share my experiences along with other devotees.Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

I think it was back on February 14th, when I was preparing for my PG exam at night 11.30. Suddenly my mom came and told that few of our devotees are going to Jinnuru for Maha Shivaratri. I also wanted to offer sweets for Nannagaru, then promptly I asked my mother "Can I also go and meet Nannagaru?" she said yes. Since I had exam on 16th, Dad might not allow you to go. After a while she said don't tell to Dad about your exam and you go to Jinnuru.

The next day I went and bought tickets for Jinnuru. I was very happy and grateful at that moment, every time we plan so many things to meet guru but sometimes all plans will end up vain,but this time without my knowledge I was going to meet Nannagaru, that is grace of Guru.

He knows everythng, when to take and when to call his devotees.

The next day we were in Jinnuru,the place was so beautiful, can't express in words about the beauty of the place.We went to Ramana Kendram ,got dressed up fast as Nanna is leaving to other place to give a sermon. I walked to Nanna's house, offered my sweets to kannama(Nannagaru's wife), took her blessings and was waiting for Nanna's blessings.

Then I saw Nanna doing his daily activities(like brushing, massaging, oiling his head,etc..) I started to shoot in my camera all these memorable moments. I felt Nanna was taking more time than the usual time for his daily activities, since I was capturing all those moments.

I continued to shoot Nanna house, after that I offered my sweets to guru, decorated him with a garland.

Nanna started to go to the place where he was going to address devotees. Meanwhile we all (chitra, padma and latha aunty and myself) went to meet Nanna 's mother. We had snaps with her and we started to go to Nanna's home.

While going, he suddenly called me -"You come here".

Then I was very happy and ran to him,

Nanna said - "keep this bag and bottle in the car"

I did the same and stood beside him.

Nanna said come get into the car from other side. I was really surprised, astonished and very happy with tears of grace.I went and sat beside him. It was just few inches gap between me and him. He told me to catch his bottle and sit. I was sitting beside him and was shooting in my camera, then he started asking me questions:

Nanna: how are u? wat ru doing now? are u getting matches? how about ur family? etc..

Myself: I am fine Nannagaru, I am at present thinking to study for my DNB pediatrics at Rainbow children's hospital, and I am getting matches but none of them are liking me.

Nanna: He said you look good, why aren't they liking? (adentamma nuvvu bane vunavu kadaa) and saw me and smiled at me.

It continued till we reached the destination.

I was very happy couldn't express my feelings of that day except by shedding tears.

From last 8 months, I was actually mentally not able to concentrate on my studies nor on my spiritual life.I used to pray daily to nannagaru, please take me to your place,talk to me and give me strength to come out of my struggles and make me pure in heart and, mind.I thought that was the day Nanna planned to change my life and make me pure.

We reached that place, attended to speech in the afternoon and reached to Ramana Kendram. Unknowingly I fell into sleep in the room and on the bed where Nannagaru used to take rest when he used to visit Ramana Kendram. I thought who will get such an opportunity and really fell asleep as soon as I slept on that bed...

It was the day when we had to leave.We sat in the hall and was waiting for Nanna. He called me and told me to sit in front of him and started asking questions, about my studies, career, marriage life. He told me that -"I'll be always down to earth, have good practise in life and get good husband who understands and loves me from bottom of his heart."

Nanna also told me that -"I'll remember you forever and told it was good you came here this time"

I felt it was you who bought me to here and poured grace.

He deeply saw into my eyes and I cried a lot (as I pleaded to make me pure, give me strength, let me be in your path forever and never again deviate from your path).

He went inside and came back after 5 minutes. He gave me a photo of Rama and told me -

"I am handing over Rama to you, you only have to look after him" (Ramudu ni neke appacheptunna, nuvve chusukovali ani annaru) that was the moment where I cried so much with happiness and joy and lastly he said -

"Madhulika, As how in vedas and puranas people read your name, similary I will always remember and chant your name"( amma madhulika nenu ne peru ni vedalo padhyalu ela adyanam chestaro ala ne peru ni smarinchukuntna,,chant cheyalani vundi annaru)

Being a Devotee of Nannagaru, I felt what more should I need . Such assurance and love I experienced which can't be expressed my words. I was so happy, felt very light in mind, heart and body, as light as a feather, that was Nannagaru grace on me.

From that time onwards I was very happy, but now again from few months I was attached to worldly pleasures and had thoughts why I was deviating from my path? Today I had an oppurtunity to meet Nannagaru for few seconds (Sep 22nd,2010) and started to browse through this website,and felt to share my feelings also.

Lastly I am very thankful to this website administrators who have given me an oppurtunity to share my experiences and bought me back to my spiritual path...

Thank you All!

Madhulika, your devotion and love towards Nannagaru, made him to utter those words. Thank you for sharing this beautiful note and experience with us.


  1. I cant understand these words by the devotee here for they are very very pure and loving....and my mind is crude like hell and cannot grasp such high devotion and love by the devotee and the Grace of this man towards his devotees.

    There is something about this man nay Being. There is a PURITY, AWE, and APPROACHABILITY that I have never read in any other.

    Even the crudest mind like mine too knows there is a constant radiation of subtle Love around him.

    what to speak of true devotees like you all

  2. Arunachala heart,
    You dared to accept that your mind is crude like hell and this is the braveness a true devotee needs. You were successful in your first step of sadhana. Go a head. Your mind is trying to understand the love of nannagaru and this will take you many steps a head. All the best.