Saturday, September 4, 2010

"With Nannagaru, in Srisailam" - Part 2 (By Hema)

The next day one of the devotees and my aunt's friend offered me a place in the first row. (Thought Nannagaru came to know my feelings that I had yesterday. Everything is his leela(tricks))

A devotee namely Bujji(nick name by which we all devotees call him) looks after Nanangaru needs. He records his speeches, makes casettes,cd's etc.

He posed a question to Nannagaru - "How all devotees can become equal infront of Guru?"

Nannagaru said - "Externally it might appear all devotees are not equal, but inside of guru all devotees are equal".

The crowd gathered filled with happiness and joy, we all expressed joy by appalause.

Guruji continued his speech.

He said "Speech is silver but silence is gold. You all want silver but not gold. You always want me to teach you the subject(spirtual discourse) in words. You like to listen my words,but you don't like my silence(mounam)".

He continued - "Don't talk about our subject(spirtual discourse) to the people who can't understand. If they dont understand some might leave those words, but some people will leave foot stamps on the words. Pigs don't know the value of diamonds. Do they? This is very strictly instructed by Lord Shiva. Don't teach about the subject to those people who can't even understand a bit of it. Lord shiva's grace is required to understand our subject. Also Don't tell them - " I know the subject but I won't tell you because you can't understand it.", this is unnecessary for us.

The next day

One of our devotees asked Nannagaru - "You are saying that silence is gold, how can we reach the silence and receive gold?"

He was in silence for few minutes.

After few minutes he addressed the question - "You don't have right to Eternal Knowledge(jnana). To reach the state where you can understand jnana, you have to do actions(karma) without ego. Your actions should be without expectation from others and with devotion. Guru's grace is needed to understand this Eternal knowledge(jnana)".

Everyime when Nannagaru was showering grace, we could see the finger was up. Indeed he is full of grace. Always at his holy feet.

Thank you.

(Hema is a student pursuing higher secondary education. She adores Nannagaru as Guru. Being in young age, her devotion to guru is impressive. She sets an example to the young generation on how to follow the principles of life with dignity.)

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