Friday, September 10, 2010

"Short and Sweet Conversations with Nannagaru" - (By Lakshmi)

I had many conversations with Nannagaru.If I had any doubts, I used to not wait, immediately whenever I had a chance I used to go and ask him. Nannagaru also, by seeing curiosity in me, he used to answer the questions patiently and also encouraged me to ask questions or doubts. I used to be first in asking questions. Even in college days also I used to do the same, the answers and experiences are making me to drive my life positively,happily and peacefully till date. I wish to share few of them here.

Conversation - 1

It was in 1995 I think, I was feeling very unrest and dull on one day. So I just fell asleep in the afternoon time. I got a dream, in which Nannagaru came as a big man or avatar. He just stepped into myself, and filled happiness into my heart and mind. I dint knew that I slept for so long time, and the day long I was in peace even doing regular activities.

The next day we got a new connection for the phone in our house. I felt really happy and made a call to Nanangaru, I guess Sri Nannagaru was in Vijaywada then. The conversation went like this :

Myself - Namaskaram Nannagaru ! We recently got a new phone connection to our house.

Nannagaru - Very good ! We are going to Arunachalam amma.

Myself - Nannagaru, Please get me a well written book of Sri Ramana Maharshi Biography.

After 5 days Nannagaru itself called me and said he came to Hyderabad and is in Madhuranagar. I was so excited to go to Madhuranagar and meet him. By the time I went, there were many devotees sitting around him, and I felt like he was waiting for someone. As soon as I went he warmly welcomed me and vehemently advised to sit in front. My heart felt with joy and happiness. He also said you were always in my remembrance. How blessed it is to be in remembrance of guru, it is all his grace I felt. Later he gave me two books, "Ramana Maharshi Biography" and also "Periya Puranam book". From that day my journey with Nannagaru has started in Hyderabad.

Conversation 2

Nannagaru - God, inner soul , Guru all are same.

Myself - My intellect is unable to accept the reality of these words.

Nannagaru - By experience you will understand these words.

Today, I accept his words that these three are one. He gave those experiences and made me realize that all these three are one. My life is full of Nannagaru.

Conversation - 3

Myself - Bhagavan gave self realization to her mother. Did Bhagavan give moksha considering her as a devotee or as a mother?

Nannagaru - If you have similar devotion and faith as bhagavan mother had towards Bhagavan, he will not wait a second to give moksha to you.

Conversation - 4

Nannagaru - How are you Lakshmi? Are you happy? Are you getting sorrow for any circumstances?

Myself - Nannagaru, Sorrow doesn't have courage to face Guru's grace. Your grace is a shield to my heart and mind, which protects from sorrow and unhappiness.

These are the few ones which I remember now, I shall share more experiences with you'll apparently.

Thank you

Lakshmi is a profound devotee of Nannagaru. From her very childhood, since at the age of 5 she had devotion to Bhagavan and at the age of 24, she came to know about Nannagaru, and worshiped him as Guru. She follows surrender path, and abides to the will of Guru always. She always resides in peace irrespective of the circumstances that take place. The most attractive thing in her is her vivacious nature which is as natural as her beauty. Her actions and words are always in harmony. A true example of devotion can be seen from her.

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