Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A real sage !

Changing clothes or changing bodies or becoming Sanyasi is not important, eliminating useless thoughts, tendencies, impressions for they are binding, therefore it is very important to remove the very cause of them. Gain self-knowledge and you will gain all the Bliss, Truth and that ultimate state. Do your work with hands at home, keep the mind fixed on God. Be Good Do Good. When contemplating Any good word or verses from the Bhagwadh Gita will surely safeguard and help you at the time of crisis. Your faith in Me(God) should be so strong, your Love in my Lotus Feet so pure and deep that I will bless you with good intellect and remove all the evil thoughts in you.
Fix body and mind, have they helped you, cooperated you to know God. QUESTION YOURSELF BEFORE SLEEPING.

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