Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Body Conscious" - (By Lakshmi)

From past few days I was not feeling well internally and externally. I was suffering from ill health and that impact had on my mind. Some distress dissatisfaction thoughts were on my mind. I decided to visit Nannagaru, and was waiting for right moment. On one fine day I left to Jinnuru.

I decided to express my all unhappiness, distress to him. Due to ill health I wasn't able to communicate with him as before, so without hiding anything, I wrote on a piece of paper of all my thoughts and feelings I had,

Few feelings that I wrote in the note stated as -

"I used to be in peace and happiness amidst of hard circumstances too, but today that peace and happiness is not there. I have disturbance,distress,worry,fear in my heart,you are my savior,you alone can save me from this sorrow"

I handed the paper to him.

Nannagaru - How is your health?

Myself - I am having hand pain

Nannagaru - Do exercise.

He then said -

"The reasons all you told were because of your attachment with body. You are much attached with the body."

He continued and gave a sermon for one hour.

If you are having fear, it implies you don't have faith in god.

Then he spoke few words about Rama Krishna.

Rama Krishna, when his mother died, he cried a lot, and he said - "Oh Mother! Your womb is going to be buried. Your womb is so precious and pure. If it isn't so pure, how would I be born?"

When Vivekananda died, the next day he appeared in a dream to Sasi and said -

"Sasi, When you spit something do you look back at what you've spat? so easily I left the body.

One time Vivekananda was preaching Bhagavad Gita to Mangs

Mang asked - why don't you ever speak about your Guru?, you should speak about Mahatmas right,please share few words about your Guru

Vivekananda - who are Mahatmas?

Mang - Rama, Krishna, Shankara are Mahatmas.

Vivekananda - My Guru is greater than these Mahatmas, hence I am unable to speak about my Guru. All the words that I try to speak about my Guru will be less, and by my words I don't want to degrade his greatness. That's the reason I am teaching about Upanishads.

I said, when some hard circumstances arrived in past, the subject helped me, but today when some disease attacked my body, I am getting disturbance.

He looked at me and said - "If you are very healthy do you live for 1000 years?"

Serve food to the body, bath your body, take medicines, do your daily duties and don't think about body. If your hand or leg pains are going to your mind, definitely rebirth would come.

With these words, we had to disperse, I offered prostrations to him, he blessed me.

During evenings I visit temple which is near by. That evening, I left from home little late and by the time I reached, the temple was closed.

The same day night I heard Nannagaru was leaving to Hyderabad, so generally when he departs to hyderabad, the train passes our station and halts for few minutes. So I go to railway station to visit him whenever he leaves to Hyderabad.

On the next day early morning I hurried to the railway station, and as I stepped, the train passed, was little disappointed.

By all these incidents that happened I confessed myself about the mistakes I've made, and suddenly immense faith on God and Guru emerged which disappeared after my ill health.

All the time Nannagaru used to appreciate the good in me and the sadhana that I was doing. Yesterday but when he pointed out my weakness I felt that was also for my good sake.

Without Nannagaru pointing out my weaknesses I wouldn't have been rectified. Having recognized my weaknesses, I feel peace in my heart now. Guru alone shows your strengths and weaknesses and also gives you an intuitive intelligence to mold yourself.

Thank you all.

Lakshmi is a profound devotee of Nannagaru. From her very childhood, since at the age of 5 she had devotion to Bhagavan and at the age of 24, she came to know about Nannagaru, and worshiped him as Guru. She follows surrender path, and abides to the will of Guru always. She always resides in peace irrespective of the circumstances that take place. The most attractive thing in her is her vivacious nature which is as natural as her beauty. Her actions and words are always in harmony. A true example of devotion can be seen from her.

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