Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Guru Karuna (Grace)" - (By Gopal Rao)



Presently we live in Hyderabad, AP.(South India)

In 1996, we used to live in G medapadu - a village in East Godavari Dt, Andhra Pradesh (South India).

My wife used to participate regularly in satsangs.

Once I asked her what is the name of your GURU?
She said “NANNAGARU”

This name did not sound good for my ears.I felt "Oh! Under this name these innocents
are trapped". That was my first opinion on Nannagaru.

I dint like her going to satsang, but silently I did let her go with dissatisfaction. But on one fine Sunday, while she was going to satsang, she gave a book through a window and said "You will not believe my Guru, at least read this book", and she left.

It was a small book. I slowly leaned back on bed, and uninterestingly I turned the first page. There was a statement that drawn my attention, I read it as-

“In the presence of guru, if the wandering of your mind is not stopped, if you do not feel peace, happiness or bliss, it is not fault of yours. It is the fault of that guru”.

This statement of Sri Nannagaru has completely changed my mean opinion.

After satsang, my wife came and said - “Tomorrow, we are going to kakinada for
darshan(sight) of Sri Nannagaru, with family”.

I thought -"Just now I started believing him and he is offering me his darshan". My heart exclaimed as "Oh Wonderful Guru!".

As proposed, we went to kakinada. Approximately hundred devotees gathered in a Devotee house.

First time I saw him, I felt "How simple he is, I could see the simplicity in both his looks and words".

I was slowly attracted by him.

Meanwhile, one devotee brought a glass of fruit juice to Sri Nannagaru. Guru's
karuna(grace) is really unexpressed, he glanced at me and directed that glass of fruit juice to me.

He asked me to drink it. I felt embarrassed in front of huge number of devotees, and that too someone brought the juice to him with great devotion, I was in hesitation to take the juice.

He read my mind.

He said –

“Take it as prasadam (the term for food which has been offered to a deity and distributed to worshippers), don’t hesitate“ followed by his enchanting smile.

Now I got my doubt cleared, I got the answer- why he is called as NANNAGARU.

The soothing affection in his voice, looks, smile, all these made him to be called as "SRI NANNAGARU"(Beloved father).

This unforgettable incident changed my total attitude up to the extent that, only Sarvantaryami(who exists everywhere) SRI NANNAGARU can assess. My words cannot explain.

Now I don’t have fear because I feel I am lucky, I am a piece of meat in the jaws of tiger- SATGURU SRI NANNAGARU

Sri Nannagariki Padabhivandanamulu. (My prostrations to Nannagaru's holy feet).

Thank you Gopal Rao Garu, for sharing the beautiful introduction you had with Nannagaru.Your repentance is a lesson to all of us. This note emanates his grace on devotees.

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