Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Radha's love for Krishna"

Brindavanam is the most pious meeting place of Radha and Krishna (Devotion and God). Many people say Radha doesn't exist it was an imaginatory role, but that isn't true. Radha exists, and she is an ideal devotee which exemplifies true devotion. Radha and Krishna do not possess physical relationship. They have divine relationship.

Radha does only that which Krishna likes, nothing else. A word she spoke was for Krishna, a expression she expressed was for Krishna, an action she did was for Krishna, a smile, a love it was just for loving krishna, such pure love who can give other than Radha.

Behind every action she did for the sole purpose of Krishna. She lead a life how Krishna has preached. They had pure, unworldly, divine love towards each other. We should have Radha as our ideal, our guru (preceptor). Radha's love towards Krishna is pure Love, Divine love, unworldly love, without any expectations or reservations not for any material or spiritual knowledge. Love only for Love, only Krishna, only for the comfort of Krishna, Loving only for Love, Radha's every work is only for Krishna. Radha never expected even goodness from Krishna. Radha never expressed her Love, She Loved only for Love. Love only gives. Radha - ideal, True, divine love, unworldly love, endless love towards the Lord. She is Radha.

Body - boundedness melts when you think of God, Like Radha, by constant remembrance of God Krishna, finally there is no Radha only Krishna remains. When we have pure love as Radha had towards Krishna why wouldn't we attain salvation? Even Radha dint wish for salvation, she just loved him for love.


  1. Love for Love sake. hmmmm....yes...when you know you are loving actually love a desire of yours that you see in Him or Her.

    But Love for love sake transcends that and hence is the highest

  2. Arunachala Heart,

    It is unexpected love, and beyond our understanding.

  3. Why krishna didn't marry radha..?