Thursday, September 23, 2010

Duty is God!

One should be careful in thought, word and deed. The work that is done should be pure and unwavering. God won't see whether the work that is done is big or small. Even if you sweep the veranda it is enough. We consider that the work of one who looks after accounts is great, but the work of one who sweeps the veranda is small. But, God will give moksha first to the one who does his work properly.If the District Collector does not do his work properly and the one who sews chappals does his work well, then God will give moksha to the one who sews chappals before the Collector. We must put the mind carefully in the work we are doing with hands. One should not impose limitations thinking, ‘These people are like this, those people are like that and we should also be like them.’ We should be calm.

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