Sunday, April 18, 2021

Veda Vyasa is considered as Lord Narayana with two hands

There are several prayers described in the Vedas. The Karmakhanda has been mentioned in detail in the Vedas. The Vedas also mention the procedure to be followed for marriage, for constructing a house etc., There is nothing left out unmentioned in the Vedas. Veda Vyasa has written Mahabharata containing one lakh verses which are considered as the essence of all the four Vedas. Vyasa said: There is nothing in this world which is left unmentioned in the Mahabharata; Also if there is something not prevailing in this world, you may find it in Mahabharata. The attributes of every Jiva, the manner in which a Jiva behaves in a particular situation have been deeply analysed and mentioned in the Mahabharata. Therefore Veda Vyasa is greatly honoured. It is said that though Vyasa has only two hands and Lord Narayana has four hands, Vyasa is considered equivalent to Lord Narayana. Lord Narayana is considered the Supreme Essence. Vyasa is considered equal to Lord Narayana.

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