Sunday, April 4, 2021

Introvert your mind

A devotee asked Nannagaru: "You have said: "Bear injury and bear insult; even that is a part of sadhana (spiritual practice). But practically, it (bearing insult) is not as easy as it is said."

Sri Nannagaru replied: "The scriptures declare:'Bear insult; even that is a part of sadhana'. It is because Guru's Grace showers more upon them who patiently forbear the insult when compared to those who react back instantly. If you accept the insult patiently, your depths of tolerance will increase. It will in turn introvert your mind. This disgrace did not fall upon you without the knowledge of God. If you think that God has blessed you with this disgrace only to teach you some lesson or to rectify some flaw within your thinking faculty, you will be able to endure the insult patiently. You must realize that you could have insulted someone in the same manner in one of your previous births. Hence you are reaping the fruit according to the seed that you have sown. Only then you will be able to forbear the insult. If you insult anyone, do remember that you will be cleansing them from their impurity, dirt and sin. That dirt, impurity and sin will settle down in your mind and an equivalent amount of your merit will be transferred to them."

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