Sunday, April 4, 2021

Being overwhelmed by praise or getting dejected by blame poisons the brain

You may get praised by some people but dont allow that poison to enter inside. Some people may criticize you but most of the criticisms arise out of jealousy. Not being aware of this, they continue criticizing. Both the persons criticizing as well as the persons listening to such criticism are equally at fault. When any devotee criticized the teachings of a particular Swamiji in front of Bhagavan, Bhagavan said: 'It is not that swami's fault to say like that, rather it is your fault for having visited him and listened to him. It is because you have that kind of weakness that you are approaching them. Else why would you approach them?' The attributes of a true sadhaka are to give up all the external tussles. Dont absorb the dust on road, leave it on the road itself. Some people may praise you, dont absorb it inside. Some people may criticize you. Dont absorb it inside. Doing so will poison the mind and ruin your entire sadhana. There is a reason behind every praise and blame. Why do you get ruined by absorbing them? Listening to them, dont poison your brain. The disease in the body can be cured by visiting a hospital. But the disease in the mind cannot be cured without sadhana, Guru's Grace and appropriate time. Therefore dont allow your brain to get poisoned by absorbing praise and blame.

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