Sunday, January 24, 2021

You are not the body

Sri Nannagaru asked a devotee - "How is your health?"
Devotee - "I am having hand pain"

Sri Nannagaru - "Do exercise. He continued saying, All the complaints you told are because of your attachment with the body. You are attached to the body quite a lot. If you have fear, it implies you don't have faith in God."

Devotee asked, "When faced with some difficult circumstances in the past, the (spiritual) subject helped me, but today when some disease attacked my body, I am getting disturbance".

He looked at the devotee and said - "If you are very healthy do you live for 1000 years? Serve food to the body, bath your body, take medicines, do your daily duties, and don't think about the body. If you are attached (in the mind) to the pains, be it leg pain or hand pain, you can’t overcome the body consciousness, and rebirth will be unavoidable.

Once, while traveling with Sri Nannagaru a devotee asked him, “Is the attachment to the body the root cause for all sorrows?

Sri Nannagaru replied – “Yes, but it is not as difficult as you think to get rid of this attachment. Suppose you wish to go to somebody's house, it is a thought, as you see it as a thought. Treat the body bound I also as a thought”

As you withdraw the body bound "I" as a thought, you can attain Jnana, right now here itself.”

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