Sunday, January 17, 2021

Purify your Mind

A swamy from Brazil asked Sri Nannagaru, “You say that we are not the mind, then why do you say that we need to purify it?

Sri Nannagaru said, “You are also saying the body is not you but then, why are you cleaning it daily? Likewise, though we're not the mind, we are identifying with it. So we need to purify it as that is the very hindrance to attain oneness”.

A devotee said, “Nannagaru, I don’t have any devotion; upon seeing you and coming to Arunachala, I felt I should lead a life with devotion. I have a lot of friends and bad habits. On reaching home, I am afraid that I might go back to my old friends and habits”

Sri Nannagaru replied – “Is your mind so weak? If you have a weak mind, you will go to your friends. If your mind is strong enough, your friends will come to you. A wise person will approach that, which is good for them. You are an intelligent person, and you will not go in wrong path”

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