Sunday, February 21, 2021

Enjoy your destiny

When a devotee, who was mourning the loss of her husband, expressed in great sorrow, "Nannagaru, I might have committed a great sin for this to happen to me”.

Sri Nannagaru replied compassionately - "Happiness is independent, it is not dependent on material objects or people or surroundings. Death is like vacating one house and going to another house. Don’t identify with the body. God is an administrator. He just does in accordance with the law of karma. Enjoy destiny as you enjoy sweet (payasam) and by doing so, it will not be repeated in the next birth. In 24 hours I will take your sorrow, you will be in peace. I will give you peace, unlimited peace! You will be happy."

The same devotee asked, “Nannagaru, how to change my nature?”

Sri Nannagaru replied, “It is challenging to change one’s nature due to previous birth tendencies. However, he said, that by one's will and with divine intervention it can be changed". One way to change nature is, Tolerance, Tolerance, and more Tolerance!”

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