Sunday, November 22, 2020

All is decreed by God

In 'Karthuraagyayaa prapyate phalam' (the first line of Upadeshasaara), Karta implies Ishwara and not our ego. The meaning of the word Ishwara is ruler ie one who rules our lives. Who has to take birth in which family, how long should a particular body be alive and when should it expire - all this is decreed by God. If you are born in a particular family in Tadinada, it is not due to your intellect. It is God's decree. Power and Strength belong to God. Your ego is powerless. Everything happens according to Ishwara's plan and design. Sometimes the work done may yield result without much effort whereas sometimes the work done may not yield result despite the tremendous effort. Why it happens so is beyond your reach. Therefore stop worrying. Ishwara is not a fool. He drives me, you, all the five elements and this entire creation according to His plan and design systematically. Therefore if you do good, forget it, else it will foster the mind. God knows when (which birth) and where to gift you with the result of your good deed. Remember that there is God, there is Ishwara.

Source5-2-2008 Tadinada

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