Friday, June 19, 2020

Sadguru Nannagaru states by staying calm in the midst of enemies, God will award you with Spiritual Growth

Every person has enemies including great Mahatmas. Gandhiji and Lincoln were shot dead. Socrates was poisoned and Jesus was crucified by their enemies. They were not ordinary enemies but enemies who took their lives. Even Lord Rama and Lord Krishna had enemies, similarly even you may have enemies. But learn to live happily and peacefully in the amidst of your enemies. Your household members themselves may turn out to be your enemies, you may have adverse situations. Some people are so unfortunate that they are neither happy at in laws house nor at their Mother's house because each of them are equally poor. Hence at both the places they have a bed of thorns. There may be people who are jealous of you or have enmity towards you or who desire your loss and ill-fate or those who propagate your good deeds as bad, but be joyful and peaceful even in the amidst of such people. If you learn so, God will award you with spiritual growth then God's Grace will shower like a flood. He will bestow you with the Immortal state.

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Source: 21-1-09 Malkipuram

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