Saturday, June 13, 2020

"Arunachaleswara and Nannagaru are one and same" - (By Neelima)

I am going to share here few experiences with Arunachalam.

Nannagaru Satsang was going on at the ground floor and there was huge crowd. I sat very next to Shiva, but the place was very congested. As I was feeling very sleepy, neither could pay attention to his speech nor can sleep there at that place. So I decided to go upstairs and sleep there. I went to Meditation Hall to sleep as most of the rooms were locked.

This was the first trip ventured by me to Arunachalam, and was feeling a bit alone to sleep in that Hall. To get out of discomfort from the loneliness, I remembered Nannagaru once and then prepared to go for the sleep.

I had a wonderful experience when I was getting out from the deep sleep.

Normally the body sense happens immediately the moment we wake up from the sleep, but here I felt a very strange experience. There was a sudden momentary feeling from the deep sleep and I was feeling a sense of gap in connecting with the body. I felt that experience very significantly at that point of time and it was very amazing. I offered prayers to Nannagaru and Aruna Giri for their blessings and showering their abundant grace on me.

My second visit to Arunachalam happened in a different way.

Before the day I decided to go to Arunachalam, I had a dream that night with Nannagaru.

We both were walking at a Tulasi Garden, chatting about some thing and where I was asking what was this to?

Pointing out to a leaf, Nannagaru said it is “Krishna Tulasi”.

This dream has inspired me to quit my earlier decision of ‘No’ to my sister’s request to join for a trip to Arunachalam, as she (Teacher) was having school holidays. (Incidentally I said ‘No’ even to my husband’s request to visit his brother’s place at Vizag, however he left with my daughter).

So finally we reached Arunachalam and Nanna was there already.

One day I wished to have Arunachaleswara darshan in temples’s Sanctum Sanctorum, but the ticket counter for this darshan (Abhishekam) was closed. Dismayed by the situation, I prayed arunachaleswara, allow me to have your darshan in Sanctum Sanctorum. There was a huge rush for darshan and the line was moving. The Pandits there were allowing people who have the tickets and pushing other people to the sides. When my turn came, Pandits pushed the people in front of me including my sister to sides making a way for me into Sanctum Sanctorum along with the ticketed devotees. Thus I had a wonderful experience of Arunachaleswara darashan that day.

We returned to Nannashramam after darshan where we find Nannagaru sitting with the devotees. I adjusted to seat myself in front of a devotee so that Nannagaru can see me. But that devotee objected and suggested to sit at the back side i.e behind Nannagaru, as she was unable to see Him. I moved to the back of Nanna without annoying her further, feeling he is there with me always. Now I can sit and enjoy his back, and conversing to myself that he is there in all beings.

Nanna suddenly turned towards back and looked at me with a warm and sweet smile. Then he called me to him to enquire “When are you leaving? With whom you came? And How is your daughter doing? After my replies, he asked me again Did you drink Tea? Did you had lunch?

Finally as usual he suggested to a devotee, Dr.Mithin to take care to drop us at Railway station. “That is the love of my Guru”.

Latter I realized that it was my GURU who gave me darshan as Arunachaleswara at Sanctum Sanctorum and who fulfilled my desire as he is there in my heart, listening to every thought. Finally, he made me understood that there is no duality and there is only one that exists is Brahman. My Guru also made me known that Arunachaleswara and Nannagaru are one and the same and removed the notion in me that they are separate. That is the grace of my Guru.

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