Saturday, June 27, 2020

Nannagaru is our True Divine Mother

It is now a week since Nannagaru deeply entered my heart as the In dweller (Antaryamin).
It was an overwhelming experience, a most beautiful homecoming.

I knew that this initial supremely powerful experience had to get deepened and stabilized.

I have for 7 days been trying to use all my free time to deepen this process and sadhana, to be more and more open to His Grace, which I know is boundless.

I have been blessed with a good life in general: I have a wonderful job, I earn well, my health is much better now than when I was a teenager and in my twenties. In short, I can’t even feel any problems in my life. I have just so much Gratitude always to the Divine.

I agree with Nannagaru, that it only makes sense to ask God for God: for devotion, purity of heart and getting a large vessel in order to be capable of receiving His Total Grace.

For each passing day this week, I have felt that this inner love, peace and Heaven and Nirvana is getting deeper and deeper and easier to enter.

My favorite way to get this is to empty myself of myself and just being highly present in Nannagaru’s Presence, and this I usually do by looking Him into His compassionate eyes trying to connect with Him as consciousness and eternal love.

During this intense week, I have often even cried as I feel He loves me so much. And this has been reinforced by continuously reading and listening to His words, mainly the amazing book “Grace of Guru”. I have never read a more loving, compassionate and sweet book, and I am endlessly touched by Nannagaru’s mind-blowing generosity.

Many people have been kind and loving to me in my life, but I have never felt more loved or accepted by anyone like Nannagaru, no one can even come close. Not only His energies are the sweetest in the Universe, but His words too. I feel He is not only Father as Nanna means in Telugu, but often more like my true Mother – my physical as well as divine Mother.

When looking Him into the eyes, Grace literally explodes. He transports me into an eternal bliss and love that even surpasses what I thought Enlightenment to be. At times I try to have a living dialogue with Him, and sometimes I call him new names, the most common one is GI or EGI – Grace Itself / Eternal Grace Itself. In short, He blows my mind and I am just left speechless.

So every day the inner fullness of Heaven and Nirvana has become deeper and deeper and more and more stable, except yesterday afternoon. During this week, I have been suggesting Him to speed up the cleansing of my tendencies (vasanas) and to rapidly cleanse anything impure in my consciousness. It would be strange if He just made the bliss, peace and love grow endlessly without any kind of challenges.

Anyway, today has been a totally new state. It is as if I hardly have to look Him into His eyes to get the deep presence of Nannagaru, the presence that I felt for the first time when I had His darshan for an hour and the following day when He looked me into my eyes for 20 minutes back in in 1990. Whenever I have been closing my eyes today, He is there completely alive inside of me giving me His darshan and looking me into my eyes and thus FILLING me with His Eternity, Nirvana and Mukti.

One thing that actually helped me a lot, was to connect with His openhearted devotees. I spoke to couple of devotees 5 days ago. After a few minutes of speaking with them, I felt my heart opening up in a deeper way when they spoke about things connected to Nannagaru.

This opening of the heart got really intensified when I watched a 2 hrs long video, where Dr Usha garu shared the amazing Grace as well as the friendship she has gotten almost her entire life from Nannagaru. Her openness and spontaneous joy and sincerity is something new to me. I don’t remember having seen that in spiritual people before, and this touched me a lot. I thought only small children and cute pics of cats etc. on Facebook could be so sweet and cute in heart as she is, but not adults and especially not so-called spiritual seekers, who can be so serious and far from being wonderfully alive and radiating. How special her Sadguru must be, to have produced such a diamond, I felt. So I can really recommend anyone to attend a Satsang, to connect with devotees’ experience of His Grace, transformation and teachings.

In the Bible, it is said that God created the Universe in one week. A week ago, I invited Nannagaru to recreate me in a week, which He has done. I was already feeling very happy and filled with divine presence for 16 years. I felt so blessed and thought that God already had given me Heaven within.

I love perfection and human potential is my hobby and passion. I adore Masters like Vivekananda who inspire us to be immensely Brave and unstoppable. Nannagaru has intensified my already inner “divine state” manifold, which I previously thought was almost impossible. For many years, I have been feeling rich, like having 100 heavenly diamonds in my heart. Nannagaru is an effective multiplier of inner wealth, and now I feel more like having several thousands of inner divine diamonds. In 7 days, I have gotten thousands of percent increase in inner growth and divine presence: this I thought would be possible only after 7 or maybe even 77 years of intense sadhana.

My deep wish is that I will not be the only Westerner to discover how one can get mindblowingly enriched by the endless possibilities of what Nannagaru has to offer. Logically, soon hundreds of millions of people will get something similar from Nannagaru, as His path is so easy and accessible.

I want to conclude by expressing my boundless and deeply heartfelt gratitude to all devotees who have made His website available with all these amazing books, articles, pictures etc. And all for free.

A special thanks to Dr Usha garu, whose pure-heartedness and sincerity has made my faith and wings grow very strong. She is such a rare person, and I am thrilled that someone like her is there to guide people when Nannagaru has left his physical body.

I was immensely sad when, 29,5 years ago, I was not allowed to come and stay forever with Nannagaru and to get to know Him, speak to Him, eat with Him, joke with Him, like many of you Andraites have been immensely lucky to do.

But as Nannagaru and Ramana say, there is destiny (prarabda karma) that we cannot avoid. Maybe Nannagaru was supposed to be my Dakshinamurty and Aruchachala Guru, teaching me in Silence. In fact, I have met Nannagaru physically twice, and not even once has He said Hi or Hello to me, or even Namaste. He only taught me in silence, showed me Nirvana, Heaven and Mukti. And as an exception to His silence towards me, he actually spoke 11 words to me, that were far from causal or just polite greeting phrases – they were the most important words ever in my life, more precious than all the Holy books in all the worlds (lokas) changing my life forever: that Ramana told Him that I will get jeevanmukti in this lifetime.

Nannagaru keeps His word, he is the greatest gentleman I ever heard of, the kindest of parents ever. And now, as a result of meditating with Him every free minute for one week, He keeps giving me His darshan in my heart ANY time I want. What greater gift can one ever receive than this?

Freddy Nielsen,
June 27, 2020
Stockholm, Sweden

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