Saturday, June 20, 2020

"Nannagaru's Presence is an Eternal Bliss" - (By Neelima)

I Would like to share you a small experience regarding Ramakrishna Gospel.

One day Nannagaru gave me Ramakrishna Gospel Volume 1 and 2 books and he said to go through the book daily for at least half an hour. I took them happily and returned to Hyderabad.

As my guru said, I started reading the book but not with a yearn. I was just reading the lines but could not grasp the sweetness of the lines, was just following my guru’s advice mechanically.

Few days later when I went to Jinnuru, Nannagaru asked me whether I was reading the Ramakrishna Gospel or not? Further Nannagaru asked me to tell something about what I have read. Suddenly my mind went blank and could not spell anything though I murmured for few minutes, as I did not expect that question from Nannagaru.

My Guru knows everything nothing can be hidden from him. He gave me a naughty smile and said that, “You are not able to understand the sweetness of the book. You try to write down the main points that you have gone through in a note book”. He further said that you won’t forget and will keep in remembrance if you practice this.

I started reading the Gospel again after returning to Hyderabad.

I have a different experience after the return when I was reading the Gospel Chapters, I felt like I was sitting along with devotees and enjoying RamaKrishna live presence. One day while reading the book I was conversing myself that Nannagaru is not different from Ramakrishna both are One and the same. I find no difference in their eternal love towards the devotees. I wonder whether the realization is more Joyful than this Eternal Love, where we get drenched beyond the Body and Mind.

Then few days later when I went to Jinnuru. I was sitting before him with some of the devotees, then suddenly Nannagaru asked me “Do You like Realization?

I replied that “Nannagaru! I don’t know much about the realization, but I can tell you one thing for sure that nothing in this world makes me Happy and Joyful than your Presence.

Then Nannagaru looking at all the devotees said ”This girl is receiving peace” with a sweet smile and warmth towards me....

From this very experience, he conveyed indirectly that he is not the body, he is Brahman, he listens to every thought and he is there with you always. He slowly enters and resides into devotees heart, he listens to everything and reveals his presence. The very thought that I got in Hyderabad while reading the Gospel was heard by my heart where he exists and he answered to my thought here in jinnuru

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