Saturday, May 21, 2011

"You will become rich man" - (By NDas)

When I was doing my Degree 2nd Year, one day I went to attend the usual sittings of Sri Nannagaru. I was surprised to see that there was only one devotee with whom Sri Nannagaru was chatting with. I sat very far being in my own world. By the time the devotee left it was very late. However the owner of the house where Sri Nannagaru stayed went out and didnot return back. So the doors were to kept open till they returned back.So I stayed back without much hesitation. Suddenly Sri Nannagaru called me near Him and asked me abt my percentages in the degree. He was very happy with my percentages in academics and asked me whether I stood first in my college? On saying Yes, He gave a very Big smile and said that I should try to stand first in the University. Then came out the words of His Blessings; He said: "You will become a very rich man." I was totally shocked on hearing these words. It was very natural for me to think that I will become rich in monetary terms.Now almost after 15yrs my father asked me whether I knew what is richness? When I replied in negative he read out a quotation in English:" Richness is neither saving more nor spending more nor earning more. But you are rich when you need no more."
Only today did I understand what Sri Nannagaru meant 15 years back. It took me 15 long years to understand the significance of his words. But better late than never....

Once on request of one of my friends, I accompanied him to Junnor. But the train reached late. By the time we reached Sri Nannagaru's house, Sri Nannagaru was about to take rest and therefore He asked us to come back at 3.00 in the afternoon.
I came back alongwith my friends to Sri Nannagaru at about 3.00 O clock .But Sri Nannagaru was seated in His tiny room seriously reading some book. He didnot notice our arrival. We waited for nearly 1 hour.I was very inquisitive as to what he was reading about? However I felt He was not reading something but he was looking at something very intently. Finally He came out and gave me the book and spoke in a very stern voice, " You must read this book". I took the book but was least interested in reading the same as I hardly have any reading habits. However I tried my best to read the book just to abide by Sri Nannagaru's order. But neither did I find anything interesting in the book nor could I digest whatever I read. I really wondered why Sri Nannagaru gave me this book. But still I felt I was missing out something in the book which Sri Nannagaru wanted me to gain. Gradually I forgot abt the book. Then one fine day came when it was 1st September, the day of Bhagawan Sri Ramana's advent to Arunachala.I was involved as usual in my routine and remembered only in the night that it was 1st September. I took out the book that Sri Nannagaru gave me but didnot feel like reading the same. Suddenly I came across a beautiful photograph of Sri Bhagawan. The mere sight of the photo made me deeply blissful. Then it stuck me suddenly this was what Sri Nannagaru was looking at for nearly 1 hour in his room in Junnor before he gave me the book. I then understood why Sri Nannagaru gave me this book: Just to make me understand that " Truth is Simple(Bhagwan's foto) and Mind is Complex(the contents in the book)". ...

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