Thursday, May 26, 2011

Self (Aatman) exists within your heart

# Whether it is Krishna in Gita, or rishis in Vedas they always said that the self (Aatman) exists within your heart but never proclaimed that the self (Aatman) exists in books. But being habituated to extroverted vision we always search for the self (Aatman) in the books rather than in the heart. Books only give you scholarship/scholar hood but will not give self-realization. The Lord said in Gita – “I shine as self (Aatman) within your heart. Search within, and then the self (Aatman) will be revealed”. We came into this world only to have the experience of God. We should never forget the purpose of our arrival into this world. The incarnation of Ramana came onto this earth only to turn the humanity towards the self which is been habituated to extroverted vision since long time.

# Just as a movie screen supports the images. It is the self (Aatman) which supports the entire creation. Moderation in food, speech and sleep are the best tools for reaching the self.

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