Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Faith in the self (Aatman)

# Needs are different from desires. Self (Aatman) is revealed to them who earn according to their needs and spend their remaining time in obtaining the self (Aatman). Don’t you know whether you are living for the sake of your needs or your desires? Even if you don’t know is it not known to the self (Aatman) within you? How can you get self-realization if you are proud of your learning or money? If you are carried away by your wealth how can the Aatman have a place within your heart? In order to separate an item from a pool you are holding your breath and closing your mouth and then you are getting into the water, then is it not required, to obtain the self (Aatman) within your heart of hearts you need to get into your heart regulating your breath mind words and senses? Isn’t it true that your body is more important than your clothes, your mind is more important than your body, your buddhi (discrimination) is more important than your mind and the self (Aatman) is much more important than your buddhi (discrimination)?

# How reasoning is important in knowing the truth, faith is also equally important. But how many of you have faith in the self (Aatman)? People with rajas and tamas can never listen about the self (Aatman) and thereby they can never be peaceful. Shraddha (faith) is obtained only through shravana (listening about self). Is it possible to get faith without shraddha?

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