Monday, March 28, 2011

Self (Aatma) reveals to purified

# Self (Aatman) is not revealed to them who is neither Jnani (refined soul) nor tyagi (one who sacrifices). The impurities in your heart and your sins itself are not showing your path towards the self. Even one bad tendency prevents from realizing the self (Aatman). Self (Aatman) is not revealed to weak and lazy people. You have distanced yourselves from the self (Aatman) by enjoying sensual pleasures since many births. The self (Aatman) is not revealed until and unless you travel back the same distance through sadhana.

# Self (Aatman) is invisible it cannot be seen, it reveals to you only when you are purified. You cannot get rid of the sensual pleasures and go beyond nature until you taste the bliss of the self (Aatman). Self (Aatman) reveals only to a truth seeker. Self (Aatman) is truth and the body is nothing but gross. The body works only with the energy of the self (Aatman). Self (Aatman) will be revealed to you only when you use 100% of your energy.

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