Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Taste of God" - (By Greeshma)

I was left with his pure love. At last the time has arrived; I had to depart from India. Few days back, I had a wish, that I could have a glance of my guru before I leave. I think he listened to my prayers. Four days before my travel, I got the news that he would be visiting my city on an occasion of a wedding.

There was no limit to my happiness. It was just a day before I had to leave, that he arrived. I went to the place where Nannagaru resides. As it wasn’t a planned occasion there weren't many devotees for his darshan. To my surprise that day, it happened to be Krishnashtami (Lord Krishna's bday). I felt what a sheer coincidence! I felt how fortunate am I to have a darshan of Lord Krishna on his birthday.

I felt happy that I could spend few minutes at his feet. Meanwhile I was doing chanting of Shree Ram as I do it often for my japa, and to behold!! There my Guru comes; he slowly walked into the hall.

He saw me, and felt happy, and asked “when are you leaving?” I said “tomorrow.”

He said “Very Good.”

Later his attendant came to massage his legs; meanwhile he closed his eyes and was in silence.

After the attendant left Nannagaru opened his eyes and immediately looked at me.

Nannagaru then said "you not only have good intelligence but also a good heart. People often miss one or the other but you have both. A balanced person should have both good heart and good intelligence”

Below are the few words that I wrote in my diary that he addressed on that day -

“More Remember Krishna, remember more and more.” then with a smile he extended saying then people will not address by your name but they will call you as Hare Krishna.

“American people faces have smiling faces, we always have weeping faces. The difference is they do duty towards family, but we get attached. For whom you are shedding tears, 90% of them will not look after you.”

“As you understand Krishna, all the sorrow in your cart will transform to happiness.”

“Ramakrishna on the day before he left his body he said to Naren - Whatever I gained with all efforts during the course I gave it to you, by doing so I became poor man. ”

Ramakrishna says to Naren - “You should teach the world”

Then Naren says - “If I realize that’s enough, I don’t have any intentions to preach the world.”

Ramakrishna replies - “I never thought you were very small minded. Even if you don’t have interest in teaching, your bones will teach the world”

“Don’t have anger on any person. When you realize you and the other person are one, then you will not get anger. This is the state of ONENESS”

Someone offered fruits to Nannagaru, then Nannagaru said - “I am the giver, I am the taker.”

Then he spoke few words on Krishna, -

“Krishna is beauty. If he scolds it is beauty. Krishna is truth. Truth is beauty. Krishna is decorated good.OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA, is the Krishna’s mantra. Vasudeva means spreaded God. Everything is Vasudeva. ”

“You might think in your mind, there is no second thing than this. It might take thousands of thousands births to get it into experience. This depends on maturity in your mind. It might take thousands of births to get experience in heart on whatever we are saying.”

“This is Kaliyuga Mantra - Hare Rama Hare Krishna.”

“You will become purified by chanting this name. By chanting this all impurities in you will be washed away.”

“If you prostrate once to Krishna, it means you are prostrating to all Gods and Goddesses in Universe.”

At last he said - “We have discussed and talked almost for one hour, what is the use for all these sermons”

He looked into my eyes and with a smile he said - “For you to get the taste of God. If you have not tasted this, your mind will not get introverted. ”

I cried bitterly. He extended saying -

“There is no Nanna, no Subamma, to get this realized it takes hundreds of births. By only purity you will get this realized. He is the God for all five elements, not only for us, he is the God of Gods.”

I felt so much bliss; he addressed all these gems looking into my eyes. Tears did not stop. I felt Nannagaru was drowning in bliss or ecstasy and I clearly could see that ONENESS through him.

Later it was surprise that we all celebrated gopala’s birthday with nannagaru along with cake celebrations.

Nannagaru smiled and did cut the cake, and we all sang, as "OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA". Our hearts filled with joy happiness and ecstasy around... clapped hands...

He took very small piece and fed into my mouth. I was about to take it with hand, he refused to do mind for a moment became no mind, it was joy,peace, ecstasy ,bliss whatever you call .It was not just a piece of cake, but a taste of God. I felt this is enough for my life. All I had was tears of joy...happiness...

Having experienced those moments, I dint feel like leaving nannagaru. So I planned to stay back for few more hours. Since I couldn’t bring anything for my guru, I thought to get some sweets. I bought some sweets, meanwhile he had his lunch. So I offered him sweets. He gave me one, and gave the rest as Prasad to others.

There were some other devotees who came to celebrate aksharabhyasam (To choose an auspicious day to start the education of a child). Nannagaru wrote OM on the slate in Telugu. He made to write the same with the child. Later someone bought butter since it was krishnashtami, Nannagaru on seeing this butter said "Krishna would swallow you when your heart becomes like butter". He blessed the children with akshintalu (Sacred and holy turmeric rice grains). He then called me and blessed me.

He then asked “Did you pack your luggage?” I said “No.” He said “You will be getting late, weigh the bags and pack them.” I felt I am unable to leave you my lord, but where there is meeting there is parting. I felt I now have loads of peace and joyous moments that I can cherish throughout my life. I left happy.

When I first left to US I cried a lot, but after having these joyous moments, I dint shed a tear though my parents felt little bad. I got an assurance from him that I am with you, so I dint had any piece of sorrow.

After a day, Nannagaru said to my mother - "This is an unplanned meeting amma, we haven't planned for this occasion it just happened within 2 days. We didn’t know we were to come to Hyderabad also, unplanned meetings are more sweeter than planned meetings.”

He also extended saying – “It is good that Greeshma moved to United States”

Guru’s grace is unseen. I am not sure why he made that statement at that point, but, I now realize the depth and will reveal in upcoming notes


  1. You are so blessed Greeshma, thanks for sharing your most wonderful moments with Nannagaru. Now that you are closer to him, physically too, we are waiting to hear a lot more

  2. Defintely Prema garu, at his will and grace!