Saturday, August 28, 2010

"With Nannagaru, in Srisailam" - Part 1 (By Hema)

Nannagaru was sitting in a hall surrounded by large number of devotees. He was addressing the audience and was saying few words, but since there was no mike I could hardly hear. I got a seat far away from him, so I couldn't hear at all.
I was trying hard to pay attention to his words, but unfortunately I couldn't hear anything. After all my attempts, slowly tears dropped from my eyes that I was unable to listen to his beautiful sweet and nectar like words.

After few minutes, we had to disperse, we all got up. All devotees gave way to Guruji. All devotees were waiting for his glance on us. It is said "One look is enough,One touch is enough of Guru". I was waiting for the auspicious moment.

Without disappointing any devotee, he generally looks into every devotee. I could see he was just few steps away from me.

Finally, he slowly moved his eyes onto me, smiled and asked "Did you come from hyderabad?"

I replied "Yes Nannagaru".

The next moment all my tears were transformed to joy and happiness. I slowly followed him to his car.

He got into his car, and he again called me :)

There comes the moment where there was no limit for my happiness, joy in my heart, such is his compassion. I had no words.

Srisailam Temple: Sankar Matam - Vedam School

After his sermon, Nannagaru had to leave from Sankar Matam, but unusually he dint leave.

I felt like he was waiting for someone. He was going through some books in the book shop near vedam school. We all were waiting for him. He was talking to the devotees surrounded by him.

A small boy who is hardly 8 years , came out of the crowd and was paying obeisance(Namaskar) to Nannagaru.

Guruji smiled innocently and made him stand beside him. He also told the photographer to take a snap.

The small boy came to join the school on the same day. He was looking like young sankaracharya. The boy was dresssed up in orange color dress. He came to offer prostrations to guru, as his mother told him to do so. It was the first time they came to visit Nannagaru. A vedam pandit told her that a holy man came to visit our school, please go and take his blessings. So she told her son to go and take his blessings.

The boy's mother was very sad, worried about her son as he is going to leave him in Vedam school. She was crying. The boy's father dint come to give send off to his son because it would be hard to depart his son, so he sent his son with the mother.

She was crying while explaining these things to Nanangaru. Nannagaru said - "You don't have to worry about your son, he will also not worry thinking about you'll, he will stay happy in this school. The education that we get from this school is very good, and it is better than normal education from any other school. The boy's mother and other devotees also had tears."

Nannagaru gave her some money and also gave some money to the boy and said "Whenever I come to srisailam, I will meet this boy". No words for his grace.

The same day after some time in the evening, the boy's mother came to Nannagaru with her younger son(she left her elder son in vedam school). By knowing Nannagaru was in kshatriya ashramam, she came to visit Nannagaru. We could see joy and happiness on her face.

The love that we get from the guru is unexplained, it has to be experienced. The grace and compassion that he has on us bought tears to the devotees. Nannagaru shared her sadness and tears with other devotees.

(To be contd...)

(Hema is a student pursuing higher secondary education. She adores Nannagaru as Guru. Being in young age, her devotion to guru is impressive. She sets an example to the young generation on how to follow the principles of life with dignity.)


  1. To meet a master and to have communion with him,the younger the better because our mind is yet to be polluted by conditioning in youth.

  2. Sucha beautiful much love and bhakthi...thanks for sharing...hope to see more

  3. @Raju Garu -
    Absolutely true.

    Yes more posts are coming up. Please feel free to share your experiences. Be part of this satsang !


  4. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experiences, it feels we are with Nannagaru when we read the posts.
    @Devotees thank you for giving a platform to share the experiences

  5. Pleasure is all ours.. Be part of the satsang, and enjoy the satsang.