Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Acquaintance with Nannagaru" (By Alan Jacobs)

Sri Nanna Garu , came to London twice some years ago. Dr. Sri Raju accompanied him as his interpreter and travelling companion. Nanna Garu made a great impression on the Members of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK who had invited him. On both visits he was open to meeting people individually for Darshan and when groups came he held them in silence for hours by the intense power of his gaze. many were deeply affected.

At the Satsangs, his first attracted 90 people, he answered questions precisely and humourously. We had two retreats which were also very successful and were well attended.He visited the Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing Street from the outside, and gazed at them intensely. He went to Chichester Cathedral to meet the Bishop and also to Stratford on Avon to see Shakespeare's birthplace. He read the Times Newspaper daily.

He always stressed that he was simply a humble Devotee of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi his Sat-Guru. Having visited us twice he thought it was sufficient, and said he hoped to visit the USA in due course.

His visit to England was truly memorable and many of our members still praise him for giving him their first taste of a Guru's Gaze bringing Silence and an intimation of their Real Self into their lives.He is a truly a great Devotee of Ramana and now the Sat-Guru for many thousands. Two years ago in Tiru I was there when he visited and we spoke together sitting on a wall by Lakshmi's Samahdi. He asked me if I was happy, and I said yes. He calls me Gentle Jacob for some reason. We all love him.

(Alan Jacobs, retired businessman, art dealer, poet and writer, has made a lifelong study of mysticism and non-duality. He is also President of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation in London and Moderator of Harshasatsangh. His contribution and support to the spirituality world is tremendous.He is an ardent devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi, his main mission is to spread the message of Bhagavan and other great saints in the light of the Enlightenment.)


  1. Dear Sir,

    "and said he hoped to visit the USA in due course" - any more information of HIS schedule in USA?

  2. As of now he doesn't have any plans to visit USA. But we will let you know if anything comes up.