Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Duty!(Short Message)

For gaining knowledge, you need not stop your allotted duty and need not escape from your family duties. There is no need for imitation or comparison with others. You do not think about what others think about you. It is waste and unnecessary. We are 100% fearful if we think about others and their thoughts. Inspite of having all worldly possession? if you are still getting fear, unrest, what is the use of these then?


  1. First God...then Evrything else...:) First lets reach Delhi...then we can go sightseeing...all sightseeing is waste if you havent reached Delhi.

    This of course is for advanced devotees.

    Duty first is for beginners in Karma Yoga.

    Nanna talks according to the capacity of the listener.

    and you are an advanced soul, ever perfect who plays in Guru's leela and maya.

  2. @Arunachala Heart - We are all blessed under his Grace !