Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sadguru Nannagaru describes the desireless Love of the Gopikas

Gopikas felt Lord Krishna's presence even in their food. They didn't see the food but saw Lord Krishna in the food they ate. Such is their devotion. Gopikas said: 'In Loving the Lord, we have given up the fear of being dishonoured by society'. In Loving the Lord, Gopikas neither cared the society nor their husbands. Usually, we fear society to a certain extent. But Gopikas ran after the Lord giving up their family honour and the social honour. When Akrura came to take the Lord to Mathura, Gopikas laid down on the ground and obstructed Akrura's chariot. They said: ' Oh! Akrura, you seem to be Krura ie the cruellest one. Who has named you Akrura? As you are distancing the Lord from us, you are Krura. Why did your parents name you Akrura?' Gopikas further said few more words which are most wonderful. They said: 'Oh! Akrura, By distancing God from us, you are doing us the maximum harm. Even if you want to harm us in future, you cannot do it for there can be no greater harm than distancing God from us'. Look at the wonderful expression of the Gopikas. Such words came out only from Gopikas. Look at the beauty of their expression of love towards God. It is matchless love, matchless affection and matchless devotion. Even the greatest amongst the scholars cannot speak such words because their scholarship becomes an obstacle for them. Such devotion also doesn't come so easily. Only the highly cultured and highly meritorious people who have been recipients of God's Grace or a Guru's Grace can get such devotion towards God.

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