Sunday, May 2, 2021

Working without doer-ship is yoga

A doctor in Hyderabad conducted cataract surgery on Sri Nannagaru's eyes.

He told Sri Nannagaru: "I am doing this surgery only for my satisfaction and not for the sake of the money. Do you remember my request to permit me to conduct the surgery ?" The doctor was trained in the famous Aravind Eye hospital of Madurai. He asked Sri Nannagaru to sleep on the bed. After 3 minutes he asked Sri Nannagaru to get up. Every patient is normally given anesthesia before commencing the surgery . So Sri Nannagaru was under the impression that he was given anesthesia in those 3 minutes.

Sri Nannagaru then asked the doctor: "What is this? Did you finish giving me anesthesia?"

The doctor replied: "The anesthesia has been given and the surgery too, has been done. Now you can get up from the bed."

Referring to this, Sri Nannagaru said: "This is called Yoga. Working skillfully, patiently, and tactfully is called Yoga. Working without expecting results and without doer-ship is also called Yoga."

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