Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sadguru Nannagaru explains the means of securing sense control and mind control

The Lord mentioned in the Gita that every person should have at least some dispassion. But you are all completely devoid of dispassion. It is only due to this reason that the mind gets extroverted. Without dispassion, without practice and without penance, there is no question of having sense control and mind control. Unless the senses and mind get subsided, the Power inside, the knowledge and God inside are not revealed. Silence and Seclusion aid in mind control. First is Silence: Silence doesn't mean that one has to completely shut his mouth and sit down for days together. Talk only when there is a necessity to talk. Dont talk excessively even at home. When you talk excessively, people lose reverence for you in society. Silence increases your spiritual power. Second is Seclusion: Previously people used to run away into forests for the sake of seclusion. Currently, it is not possible. So as far as possible, try to remain secluded at home for an hour or two. Every person represents a big man when they are amongst four people in the society whereas a person's weaknesses are revealed only in seclusion.

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