Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Introduction of Sadguru Nannagaru"

He had his early vision of Sri Bhagavan Ramana in a vivid dream in the year 1957, when the Maharshi kissed him on his cheeks thrice and ever since there from, there has been a marked turn in his daily life.He is acclimed and hailed by his devotees and disciples as " NANNA GARU." "Nanna" in telugu meaning "Father" and "Garu" is a honorific. Thus, he is endearingly, called as "Respectable Father."
Some time later, Nannagaru saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a book on spirituality. The advertisement caught his eye, and he sent off for the book. When he opened it, he found the photo of the same saint who had kissed him. It was Sri Ramana Maharshi, whom he had never heard of before. He made a pilgrimage to Sri Ramana's ashram at Arunachala, and returned frequently, over the ensuing years, though Sri Ramana had died some 15 years previously. His whole life began to turn on Sri Ramana’s teachings, and he began to preach Sri Ramana’s message in his neighbourhood.
Some years later, when Nannagaru was in Ramanashram, in the morning, between sleeping and waking, felt his mind falling once and for all into his heart. From then on he was a changed man. It was as if he was living by a force other than the ordinary personality, which had gone into abeyance. People began to see him as their guru instead of a preacher, and his name quickly spread throughout Andhra Pradesh.

Today, he travels throughout south India, staying at the home of one or another of his disciples for a few days, then moving on. Whenever he arrives somewhere, people from that area come all day long with their problems and pleas for help. He listens to them all with deep attention, blesses them, sits in silence with them, gives a talk sometimes to the gathered assembly. He is the archetype of the traditional Indian guru - a soul doctor, a counsellor, a friend, a wise guide in the affairs of life, and for those few who want it, a spiritual presence and teacher.

As long as we grope in this illusory world, we shall not leave the feet of the Lord. We shall not discard a true Guru or Teacher. The fishes fall prey into the fisherman’s net but the fish which is closer to the fisherman’s feet does not fall into it. Similarly when we hold to God’s feet, we do not fall into His Maya (Illusion).


  1. I have been practicing 'Self-Inquiry' for some time now. Made friends with people who follow Bhagawan Sri Ramana’s teachings and do Sat Sangh over Facebook almost every day with these friends.
    Hardly a couple of days ago a young girl sent me a friendship request which I accepted. She sent me a message in reply and greeted me in spiritual lingo thanking me for my friendship. I really felt very nice that I found another friend who is also a seeker. Out of curiosity searched through her pages and found a link called I went into this page and found several picture, MP3 audios etc. It was all about Sri Ramana’s teachings preached by one Sri Nannagaru. This was my first introduction to this holy man and never heard of him before. Last night before going to sleep I randomly picked one of the audio tapes of Sri Sadguru Nannagaru which was about two hours long and started listening to it. I thought two hours was too long and thought of listening to it a little bit and continue if it is interesting.
    He was teaching nothing new. As a spiritual seeker I have read and heard a lot of this kind of messages. But this person’s voice had something very divine about it and each word that he spoke touched my heart. I was totally absorbed in the talk and after a while I didn't notice what he was saying but just enjoyed the divinity in his voice. The speech ended and my earphones went silent. I slowly opened my eyes to check if there is any technical issue that has stopped the audio because it felt like it was only a few minutes since I started the tape. To my surprise I found that I have completed listening to the entire two hour odd long tape. To make sure I looked at my watch and couldn’t believe myself because it has really been over two hours since I started listening to the tape. I being a guy who works on time schedules every day and knows how to estimate time, lost total sense of time with this tape. This divine voice made me feel total timelessness.
    Om Namo Sri Ramanaya!

  2. Thank you for your experience Dear Sat, It is all guru's grace that would pull towards him !

  3. The picture of him with the child reminds me of Jesus.

  4. Dear Arunachala Heart, All gracious love, it is all beauty !