Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"About Sri Nannagaru" - Dr. Usha (an article shared with a Kerala magazine)

Nannagaru which in Telugu means Revered father is an epitome of Love, light, compassion & solace to seekers of all kinds. He was realized through Extreme love for Bhagavan Ramana at a very young age., From whence people started flocking to him in huge numbers. Not only truth seekers but people of all categories came to him. Few for financial help,few for health issues,marriage issues,kids issues,job issues & every other issues. He would receive all of them with the same warmth & compassion & guide them in a way that everyone went home with hope & contentment.

He was a pillar of support to thousands of families & was more like a God father guiding them smoothly through life’s difficulties. When it came to spirituality, he was a class of his own. He would capture the hearts of all Devotees with grace & divinity. Many experienced glimpses of enlightenment in his presence. Always clad in pure white clothes & ordinary footwear, he traveled far & wide spreading the light & teachings of Bhagavan in a way that even layman & illiterates understood his message.

Unlike many modern saints & sages he never had any restrictions or Privacy. He was available to all at all times.He served society in a way that is unimaginable to people of present times. As Jesus said ’Let not the left hand know what the right hand has served’, he spent every penny of what he received to uplift humanity from need & suffering. His goal was to bring humanity out of suffering. There were many instances where he literally absorbed the sorrow of people in pain & loss.

His very look would calm many hungry souls & his words healed their hearts. His teachings were extraordinary & holistic. There was not a topic he hasn’t covered nor left any path unattended. He gave importance to all faiths & all religions & guided them all within to attain the oneness which is the essence of all religions!

In a nutshell Nannagaru was the guiding light in the form of Loving father,mother,friend., closest relative & Guru who guided Devotees to an inner life with ease, washing out all troubles to each one of them making their effort effortless & filled their hearts with peace eternal!

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