Sunday, March 21, 2021

Guru is our Savior

A devotee said to Sri Nannagaru: "Previously, I used to pose questions to you first and then carry back your Grace in the form of your answers. Now I will not ask you any further. I will accept whatever you grant me graciously."

Then Sri Nannagaru replied: "Grace is unseen and unheard. It is an automatic Divine action."

Once a devotee expressed to Sri Nannagaru, “Whenever I intend to talk to you, my voice gets choked. I don’t get any words. Only tears roll down. Why does this happen always?”

Sri Nannagaru replied, “Who do you think Guru is? He is the savior, nearest and dearest to the heart. We get tears only when we are with our nearest, dearest, closest to our heart, our savior. And he made her repeat three times the mantra "Aaptaya Namaha”.

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