Monday, May 11, 2020

"Transforming to Desire less State" - (By Neelima)

My relation with Sri Nannagaru was childlike whenever I visited him, just by looking at him hearing his voice my heart melts and eyes sheds tears, unwillingly and unconsciously. It was so natural that I become an innocent child the moment I see him and pretend as if I were in his laps. My love to him was always desire less, I mean love only for love (pure love). I experience abundant peace and bliss penetrating from my heart as if I needed nothing more.

He also used to treat me like a child whenever I visited him. Though I used to sit far from him, he used to point out to sit beside him and make sure I was happy before I take a leave from him. He used to shower me with immense love and grace. He ensured someone to take care of me and drop me at my hometown safely whenever I was about to leave.

Whenever I go to Jinnuru from Hyderabad, he used to ask me “When did you come and when will you leave?” I would say to him one particular date of leaving but he used to say another date pretending that he didn’t hear it properly. Finally always I used to return Hyderabad on that date which he said and not as per my originally planned date.

He always used to inquire about my husband, because he is the one who permits me wholeheartedly to Jinnuru. Nannagaru mentions my husband as gentleman and told that our marriage life will be successful. We both will be like friends and saying thus he blessed us and our children too,

I am sharing here a small funny experience.

One day while I was sitting very near to him, a devotee offered Horlicks biscuits packet to Nannagaru.

We all know very well, Nanna gives back our offerings to devotees. As I was very much fond of Horlicks biscuits from my childhood, I have shifted my gaze to sides from him fearing he may give it to me and thus conversing with my mind not to tempt for those Horlicks biscuits. To leave it to his choice, I was little hesitant to accept them in that very moment.

I have experienced in my life that whatever I desired he fulfilled and be it as smaller wish it could be. His wish was to make me understand that nothing profound is in the desire once it becomes palpable, until we feel that there is something in the desire.

Amazingly he kept the biscuit packet in my hand and threw a sweet and naughty smile when I gazed at Him.

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