Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Compassion as a quality in you is itself righteousness

Nannagaru mentions a small incident that happened with Buddha exemplifying how deep his compassion was!

Once while Buddha was giving a discourse to his disciples there was a person who had stomach full of food and was having a good nap. As he was conversing with his devotees his looks fell onto the person who was sleeping far away from him. He felt so much compassionate on him, he called him nearby and said thus -

"Extreme consumption of food and sleep is not good it will lead to continuous rebirths, you will get used to laziness and that will keep the mind in Tamo Guna (darkness, destructive, chaotic) which will slip you far from the truth. Follow the middle path doesn't mean you do fasting, have sathvik food and don't do anything in extremes, otherwise you will miss destination."

The disciple replied - "It is not in my control Tadagata (Buddha was addressed as Tadagata), I don't know if its tendency or something else, my mind draws continuous pleasure in eating food and sleeping. I just cant live without this food and sleep"

Nannagaru describes how much compassionate he was, and Buddha was determined to transform him.

Buddha says - "I will give you mantra which will help you to come out of this habit. Take this mantra and do it slowly everyday, gradually you will come out of this."

Disciple says - "That is not possible Tadagata, because I have lot of memory loss I can't do that as well."

But Buddha did not leave him, and he wanted him to take to the level that he was dwelling in and in that process he dint leave any stone un-turned. He did not care which background you come from, what are your tendencies, your strengths or weaknesses, he was one such person who was dwelling in compassion always.

Buddha says - "Even if you are unable to do, that;s okay. Did any of your family members come?"

Disciple replies - "Yes!"

Buddha - "You will not remember right, I will tell this mantra to your family members, they will chant this mantra in your ears and that will be enough."

Nannagaru said - How do we explain this compassion? He was such a compassionate being, that we petty minded cannot comprehend or understand this love.

Nannagaru said compassion as a quality in you is itself righteousness. Nannagaru mentions just like how salt was inclusive as an ingredient of ocean, any word that was uttered from Buddha was part of true consciousness.

When Nannagaru was in Sarnath many chinese people came to see Nannagaru, they saw Buddha in Nanna, they were mesmerized by looking at him. They asked the devotees around is he Modern Buddha,? he just looks like our Buddha.

Nannagaru was exemplifying himself with Buddha about compassion and he said -

"If you have compassion as a quality in you, then that itself is righteousness. Nannagaru was none other than our Modern Buddha."

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