Tuesday, May 26, 2020

"Sri Nannagaru is the incarnation of God" - (By Neelima)

Once as I went to attend for Nannagaru discourse at Ramana Ashram, Jinnuru I grabbed a seat in the last rows, the earning to meet him was more, than listening to the speech. I was waiting for that speech to take an end so that I could meet him soon. When the speech was over, I tried to rush towards him but there was a big crowd surrounded by him, I was stuck and couldn’t reach him. When I was looking at him desperately, he suddenly looked at me and called me sit near to him while ordering other devotees to give me a way. My eyes shed tears feeling his unlimited love when I sat near him and that meeting filled me with endless joy.

He offered fruits to me as his blessing, later he was trying to give me a bag to carry fruits carefully. In that joyful and exciting moments I was fully not in my senses, while tears were running from eyes but looked as if it was from ears. In that state of love I was not able to speak and take the carry bag from him. He was saying repeatedly take it else the fruits will fall away but I unconsciously responded saying - "No need and this is ok".

While devotees were laughing at me, Nannagaru was quietly glancing at me with all sweet smiles. While returning home, when the fruits carried slipped many times, a scene appeared in my heart that we (Nannagaru and Myself) both were smiling at each other, was much joyful to imagine.

The lesson I have learnt from all of these episodes is that “If You take one step forward then the rest is taken care by Guru”. I faced no obstacles from both of my families from the day I decided to travel alone for Jinnuru, that was the beginning of my independent spiritual journey and the greatness of my Guru.

The other day when I was immersed in love with Nannagaru he said compassionately - “You will be realized“.

While I was in bus heading to home I pinched my skin to be aware of what he said, I felt much joyful than ever, after his sweet words.

Whenever I take a leave from Nannagaru and return home I have an experience that this world is an illusory, the people in the roads and buses and all around me. My body feels immense bliss and happens to see myself in everyone and everything it's just magical. There was no glimpse of sorrow even, this was all viable only because of my Guru.

I always feel meeting Nannnagaru was as equally as associating with God. He always filled my heart with happiness and compassion in return.

I love God Shiva from my very childhood. When I was very small I used to visit nearby temple daily and I always used to think of him, I always aspired to talk to him, see him and marry him.

There may be some realized souls in this world but there will be only one incarnation of God that is only Nannagaru. Just like one Buddha, like one AdiSankara, like one Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, like one Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi, I firmly believe in this age Sri Nannagaru is the incarnation of God

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