Saturday, January 28, 2012

Truth is One

Births and deaths are pits, from one Pit to another. Why remembering past births or referring past, Bhagwan never encouraged past births. Tolerance, Tolerance and Tolerance. Forbearance and Forbearance. Truth is one. When you
close your eyes you see it and when you open your eyes also you see it. Until you realize the Truth nothing good external happens to you. You need tolerance. You cannot carry people, increase the depth, Truth gets revealed. Second time also I will tell that only. Everything is the will of God. Can we question God? Is it surrender? Narayanam Parabrahmam Sarvakarana Karanam. Word is gold. In Maya's (illusion) flow everybody gets washed away even Chief Justice, Minister or President too. Warren Buffet is always calm, no exhibition, sight is executive class and life is economic class.

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