Thursday, June 16, 2011

"I will do the sadhana for you" - (By Dr.Mithin)

I was sitting at the edge of the room when suddenly the Guru saw me. "Come nearer" he said " come nearer." He beckoned me to come close and sit with him. I tried to get up but was surprised to see that I could not. My feet had gone to sleep! I was embarrassed a little and there was a ripple of whispers across the room. But the Guru smiled and said " If you are not able to sit for long hours of time you should use a chair. Take your time and come." I felt better in a few seconds and went and st with him.

After a few words about China, he asked me "What Sadhana are you doing?" asked my Guru.

I replied softly " Self Enquiry and Surrender." "What?" he asked again craning his neck.

In a moment of inspiration I said " I have put the burden on you! No sadhana."

There was a joyous wave across the assembled devotees. He smiled and said " That is enough. Reason is not as good as Faith. Reason is Good but faith is better. Your faith will bear fruit."

"You will not have to work...I will do the hard work for you"
My Guru continued..."You will not have to will cross in a boat." "From today I have adopted you. You need not worry." He paused. 'There is some previous janma punya in you....that is responsible for this. You are on the Right path, right action and right speech." He looked around.

A lady whose relative had recently passed away came and offered the Guru fruits. He looked at her and said " I saw the ashes of your relative in Kasi." He looked at me and said "Ramakrishna scolded Narendra once. Narendra was asking for libreation when Ramakrsihna chided him and said that 'You have a very small mind.' Narendra was refusing to teach people. Then Ramakrishna said 'Your very bones will do it." He smiled.

He also spoke about Body Consciousness saying that most of us feel that we have a body that is why we exist. We do not know that we exist even without the body." In all again a very enriching experience. My gist of learning from today's Satsangh: Cast thy burden on the Lord of the Universe. He is the excellent doer of actions.

I was sad that I could not meet Nannagaru today in the morning. In the afternoon, on a sudden impulse, I called up Deepu who intimated me that Nannagaru was going to Ramakrishna Math Hyd. I hastily rushed from my hospital to the Math. On reaching the Math I joined the group of eager devotees. In the ensuing conversation I had a little boastful and lying attitude in me about my profession. It was then that Guru came in a car. I rushed to him and opened the door. He held my arm and walked into the Math.

"I will be not coming to temple. You go." he told the assembled devotees.

Nevertheless all of them followed him into the bookstall. Some of them went to the temple. The Guru browsed through the library. He was accorded a heartfelt welcome by the young swamis of the Math. He looked around the library and said " I collect these books only to disperse them among the devotees."

Two young swamis got into conversation with the Guru. "You have chosen the right path. I am very proud of you." said the Guru. "You too should read Upanishads, Brahmasutras and share your knowledge to the general public." The young swamis nodded. "It all depends on your blessings" said one Swami The Guru smiled. The young swamis then offered him some refreshments and then requested him to accompany them to meet the head of Ramakrishna Math Hyderabad, Swami Jnanananda.
Nannagaru slowly went towards the monks quarters. He reached the Adhyaksha Maharaj's room and asked everyone to leave their footwear outside. He went into the small hall where the revered Swamiji was sitting. I was wondering what would happen net when the Guru saluted the Swamiji by bending and touching his feet!!! I was stunned to see the humbleness of my Guru. Sri Ramakrishna!!! I thought.

A chair was got for my guru and he sat on it. We all sat on the floor. Nannagaru asked the Swamiji his welfare and about his teaching schedules to general public. I watched mesmerized the irony of the situation. Sri Ramakrishna is meeting the head of Ramakrishna Math! What leela! Subsequently Swamiji introduced me to Swamiji. "You should come and spend some times with Swamijis of Ramakrishna Math" my Guru said. "It will help you in becoming a refined soul." I nodded. Swamiji looked at the majority feamle gathering and told them "We have meetings about Sarada Devi. You all shold come" said the Swamiji to the lady devotees. Swamiji looked at Nannagaru. "You should send them to attend satsanghs in Ramakrishna Math.. It will help them in growing spiritually." the Swamiji said to Nannagaru. Nannagaru smiled and nooded. "They know little of Ramakrishna literature" Nannagaru said. At that point Nannagaru looked at me. He had a mystical smile playing on his lips. His hand had assumed the mudra of the snake and Jnana Vel of Lord Subramanya was clearly visible on his forearm. Tears started to well up in my eyes. I thought Nannagaru was angry with me because I had lied a little in the devotee gathering before his arrival. I had boasted to them about my profession. He did not acknowledge me in the Math properly and I was feeling crestfallen and repentant. Now he looked at me with a magical smile. I was bewildered and stunned to see his leela.

It was then that the Swamiji spoke to us all. "If you come regularly here, you will develop love for Sri Ramakrishna" The smile on Nannagaru''s lips widened as he continued to see me. In a second of Swamiji having uttered those words an unknown emotion in me welled up. "To us...our Guru is our Sri Ramakrishna!" I cried. Tears fell from eyes and the darling of Sarada, Nannagaru, took a sweet from the table and gave it to me and he smiled. My sin was forgiven. .......

Nannagaru went inside the monks quarters thereafter and I came out and stood outside and wiped my tears as other devotees exulted in my emotional outburst. I told them It was Nanna's will alone that prevailed. Nanna came back into the room where Swamiji was and touched his feet. "Please bless us Swamiji," Nannagaru said " that all of us attain Truth Realization." With that humble request Nannagaru went out. I saluted the Swamiji and came out. I realized what Nanna had shown me. The humility of Sri Ramakrishna! My Guru was the Thakur of Dakshineshwar. This birth of mine was blessed as I could see the power of Love. Sri Ramakrishna touching the feet of the Head of Sri Ramakrishna Math Hyderabad. I could feel the Gods in the Heavens rejoicing this great act of Humility.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.


  1. Wonderful narration of your experience mithingaru.Thanks a lot.Your are blessed in 2 ways.You have complete faith and love for nannagaru.And Nannagaru accepted your surrender and took your responsibility.Once again my humble thanks for your beautiful narration.

  2. Mithin Garu!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences, they are very touching. Each and every moment with Nannagaru is so precious, joyous and purifying. We are so lucky to have a Guru like Nannagaru. He is taking care of you, just like Sri Ramakrishna took care of Rakhal.
    Once Sri Ramakrisha asks Rakhal " your face used to be like a fresh flower always, what happened, why is your face so dull today? what did you do?" Rakhal (doesn't even know that his face is dull) thinks for a while and reply saying that he lied just for fun that morning in the kitchen. Then Sri Ramakrishna advises Rakhal not to lie even for fun, because when you are pure like white cloth even a small black spot will show very prominently.

    Your writings are inspiring us. I admire your openness.

    The amazing thing about Nannagaru's work is, only the person on whom He is working will know very clearly that, the Guru is working on me, but others can not know what's going on.. Awesome! He is working on all of us, all the time, where ever we are with out even using words most of the time, That work is PRICELESS! Sadguru's leelas are miraculous and countless!

    Best Regards,

  3. Ravigaru,

    I have the most basic devotion for Him. It is only is Infinite Mercy that you see on me.


    What a wonderful truth you have said!

    "The amazing thing about Nannagaru's work is, only the person on whom He is working will know very clearly that, the Guru is working on me, but others can not know what's going on..



    Today by His Grace I feel...hmmm...know....that 'Moksham kosam sadhanane Maya' - Effort to attain Moksha is Maya.

    For we are all Pure Infinite Peace.


  4. @Ramagaru,

    Sri Nannagaru once told me 'Share all your experiences that you have of me with everyone. Mature Devotees will be inspired.'