Thursday, February 1, 2018

"Brahma Jnani beyond body" - Sri Nannagaru's experiences

Once I sat in front of the photo of Ramana Maharishi. I never worshiped Him through puja. Looking at the photo of Bhagavan, I said: “Since that body (Bhagavan’s body) is no more, I am aware that you are not alive or no more existent. Then Bhagavan replied: “Though you may think that I don't exist anymore, it is very much true that you are being chased by me. What is the relationship between existence and body? A Brahma Jnani is not his body even when he is alive. A Jnani never differentiates between the existence or non existence of his body. The Guru tries to take you all to that state. A Brahma Jnani can view even without eyes, can hear even without ears,can work even without hands, can walk even without legs. ”

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