Monday, February 5, 2018

About Guru - Sri Nannagaru

Guru's Silence is much greater than all the scriptures. No book can describe the Grace of Guru. No mouth can describe the same.It is beyond the words. We may hear a lot and also perform several spiritual practices. We donot even have the power to recognize the intensity or progress of our spiritual practices. We may think that we are not at all evolving. But we are not aware how far we have progressed. Guru takes care of the same. We may not even be able to recognize the process happening within. All these are taken care by the Guru. But how long does Guru take care? As long as the disease persists, the patient is retained in a hospital. Same is the case even with the Guru. As long as we get merged with the Guru (as the river merges with the ocean), He takes care of us. Guru implies Self only. There is no existence for Guru or God or Jiva or world apart from the Self. It seems as if silver exists in a pearl shell. But does the silver really exist in the pearl shell? No. As silver doesn't exist in a pearl shell even peace doesnot exist in this world. Guru is the most Compassionate one. Only out of Grace He says that the existence of peace in this world is as much true as the existence of silver in a pearl shell.Though nothing exists externally, we feel as if something exists. It is only our ego which makes us think so. Therefore inspite of writing any number of books or giving any number of sermons, who can describe the glory of Guru's Silence, Power and Peace? It is beyond the written and spoken expression.

One who increases our bondage is not our Guru but our burden. He is only a true Guru who releases us from bondage. He is our Guru who leads us from darkness into light, from ignorance into Knowledge and from mortality to Immortality. He is our Guru who enables us to transcend our desire and death.

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